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  1. L

    Solved! How to pause/play music on keyboard

    I've been a Mac (IOS) user for a long time but I've recently bought a MSI GS63 and I'm having trouble understanding Windows... But, more importantly my own keyboard, hehe. Apparently on the keyboard there isn't really a shortcut to just... Pause or play the music, or even skip a song. (You know...
  2. S

    My right Alt key opens browser. Help!

    Hi, My "alt gr" known as right Alt key opens bing browser search in mozilla for "How to receive help in windows 10". Is there a way to find this shortcut (I mean a file path or smth)? Tried searching in google, but nothing appears. Thanks for your time c:
  3. doohbacles

    Removing Shortcut Virus From PC

    Hello everyone, i got this 'shortcut virus' problem at my office.It started when they plug in to everyone PC's without scanning or checking before open it up.Now the virus has spread around my office. The question is, does anyone know how to remove it from PC?How to find it? Im glad if u guys...
  4. G

    get facebook icon back after disappeared from phone/drawer

    my facebook shortcut icon has disappeared from my phone. from the "drawer" and everywhere. it started when facebook refused to stay open. so i uninstalled facebook. tried to re-install facebook probably 50 times. keep getting error -24. it will not finish installing, followed complicated...
  5. I

    Shortcut Virus (Creates .ink in USBs), Disabled msconfig, CCleaner, System Restore. Tried EVERYTHING, help!!!

    Hello guys! TL;DR: an USB pendrive infected me, now it creates shortcuts on usbs, also msconfig, regedit, system restore, and everything related is disabled. halp. 2 days ago, a friend of mine wanted to show me a video he was working on, so he proceeds to insert his USB pendrive, when i open...