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  1. ludi_kure

    Gigaset smartphones - any experiences? (Looking for a quality smartphone)

    Hello everyone, after 13 years of use my Siemens S65 cell phone finally started dying (true story) and I'll have to look for a new phone. I think I have only one major requirement for the new phone, and yet it's not easy to fulfil - I want it's quality and durable. I'd rather buy another used...
  2. J

    Fujtsu Siemens lifebook p702 screen replacement problem

    Hi, My screen cracked when I was in malaysia so I went to a repair shop, they replaced it but only the fightback was working, I tried 3 different shops with different screens but none of them was working only the backlight was lit. When I got back home I ordered a display from ebay with the...
  3. drykill

    Siemens hipath 1190

    Can anybody send me the link driver for my SIEMENS HIPATH 1190, i lost my driver installer and i accidentally reformat my PC..any help thank..
  4. S

    Sony Vaio VGN-F

    Hello, I have sony vaio vgn-fz11s and it was not working well, so i run a recovery disk from my old pc siemens systems. That was not working so i put a new windows vista home premium on it. Now my system is not compatible and i read online that i can recover vaio by use alt f 10. So i tried and...
  5. P

    All my screen is with colored vertical lines

    The laptop is Fijitsu Siemens amilo pa 2548! Problems: 1. Milion thin colored vertical lines throw the screen 2. Very noise cooler 3. Is very hot under the laptop How should i test the laptop for solving this problems!
  6. R

    How can i install webcam in windows7

    Hello,sir iam using siemens laptop with inbuilt camera. when i was instalied windows7 webcam is not working. what is the reason. plz reply
  7. A

    Dead laptop troubleshooting dead machines siemens

    it is a siemens fujitsu amilo d7830.dont want to switch on dead
  8. G

    Siemens C65

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Anyone using this phone? Any reviews here? -- Mason Storm ----------------------------- Remove "dogface" to reply privately in email. -----------------------------