Sony Vaio VGN-F


May 14, 2014
I have sony vaio vgn-fz11s and it was not working well, so i run a recovery disk from my old pc siemens systems. That was not working so i put a new windows vista home premium on it. Now my system is not compatible and i read online that i can recover vaio by use alt f 10.
So i tried and it works but i get the siemens recovery );
My question is there a way to bypass the siemens recovery and get to my sony vaio recovery at this point ?


Apr 16, 2013

You cannot use a Siemens recovery disc set from another computer on your Sony VAIO machine. The reason for this is because each computer has many different hardware pieces inside that have very specific drivers neccessary to work properly. You will need to acquire the actual recovery disk set for your computer. Check around for your original set, as sometimes people leave them in the box, if you keep boxes, or in a file cabinet that you keep software in. This will save you some money from having to buy the discs from the manufacturer or from a third party.

Should you need to purchase them, try the manufacturer first. If they do not carry them or they are too expensive,, is an affordable third party.

Your particular computer is Sony Vaio VGN-FZ11S Recovery Disk Set

Once you get the discs you can follow the directions to install them. They are fairly easy to install, but we have customers bring us their machines and the discs all the time to install. They can be technical, but the directions often make it easy to restore your system back to factory settings.

Once you get the OS and drivers installed your computer should operate like normal. Should you have any other issues you can post the question here and we can try and help you with it!