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  1. M

    my cell oppo f5 loss can any one find me?? this

    my cell oppo f5 loss can any one find me?? this IMEI: * Moderator edit for personal info * my loss 18 August 2018 can u help me for find out
  2. G

    What the Google-HTC Deal Means for Your Next Phone

    Google has acquired the HTC division tasked with competing in smartphones, which should mean much tighter integration between hardware and software. What the Google-HTC Deal Means for Your Next Phone : Read more
  3. twgamerbuilder

    Lenovo Phab Tango

    So I am considering purchasing the new Lenovo Phab 2 smartphoen and wanted to know if Tango is only available on the pro version.
  4. J

    Want to buy a new android

    How are you guys? I want to buy a new mobile and I want your opinion. I want the best processor possible, very good camera and I wanted to ask you if it is possible to output audio via micro-usb. I don't matter if it is Chinese but obviously I want the phone in English. Design is important!
  5. N

    LG Optimus G e971 say's IMEI null?

    I recently cracked my lcd screen and brought it in for repair at a third party retailer, after I recieved it back it was working and I was able to make and recieve calls but the screen would go black everytime I ended a call. I brought it back and was told it would be corrected, but when I...
  6. N

    MUCH G2 should i buy it???

    I want too get a new phone, but i also love to play games. So... i found this phone ( Much G2) from China. So i wanted to ask you guys here what do you think about it. Also they will release a new phone Much (Snail) W1 thats good too. But i want to focus on this one. What do you think. Please...
  7. I

    Lg l70 vs F3 use it very often but hardly ever use it heavily which one is better?

    I really just play Clash of Clans and that's it maybe once in a while I might try out a new game but nothing intensive. I would like to play games like subway surfers with out lag something my current phone a galaxy exhibit cannot do. I text a lot and call once in a blue moon.. I am always...
  8. A

    HTC One E8 or M7?

    So my brother wants to buy a new phone. He's finally arrived to two options: the HTC One E8 and the M7. He doesn't want to take much pictures, just use the phone for the usual stuff, and REALLY DOESN'T WANT LAG. A good appearance would be great too. E8 Pros: -> Newer -> Better processor (quad...
  9. shubhamcr7

    need to buy new sony smartphone !

    i am buying new sony smartphone , i have watched many sony smartphone every phone was good i am confused which to choose so which sony phone i should buy according to camera , gaming , fast processor , long battery life i have looked many phone but i liked xperia sp my budget is around $326 and...
  10. T

    i need help...

    i rooted my lg spirit 4g smartphone and didnt back up any files to my computer. i accidently erased everything including driver etc. to my cellphone. is there a way to recover or download any software to rectify my problem? i cant do anything on the phone except power on and off. doesnt go to...
  11. S

    Need to set a passwordn http://www routerlogin net

    When i try to set up i am not able it saids i need to enter numbers but there is no way for me to enter numbers