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  1. Dolli3coutur3

    Question Connecting a VCR to a Vizio Smart TV

    So the cables are connected to where they belong on the tv and VCR but what do I do after that? How do I bring up the VCR on the screen? The remote does not have an input button to choose inputs and with this TV it seems all the input options are displayed on the Vizio home screen. I’ve chosen...
  2. H

    Please Help - Android(4.4.2) Led Tv with no audio out - How to connect external speakers

    I got a cheap smart led tv from China which has android 4.4.2 built into it. The main interface of tv has a custom android launcher. But now i am facing a problem that the tv has no option for audio out. There is no jack, no rca audio output, no optical out. But has 2 usb ports and...