Question How to do online teaching live streaming as face to face classroom teaching?

Jun 24, 2020
Hello everyone,
I wonder if my question is off topic or a stupid question. I am very unfamiliar with the digital devices but now I have to buy and use those for my school.
I would like to do on line teaching live streaming using zoom or something like that.

If I buy a smart tv and connect it with laptop, then can I use the smart tv as my laptop?
What I want to do is using tv as my whiteboard (on tv, my powerpoint lessons stored in my laptop will be shown).
As usual I will be standing beside tv.
I would like the students to see me&tv together as they saw me in the face-to-face traditional classroom.

If I place the webcam at the right place ( may be in front of me& tv), will the students see me&tv in the live streaming?
I think webcam is necessary for live streaming, right?
If I buy a webcam, do I still need to buy a separate digital video camera?

If I want to record my whole teaching , do I need to buy a digital video camera? Or it is enough with only webcam?

Can live streaming be done using a digital video camera without using a webcam?
Thank you very much.
If you want to do it like face to face, the webcam would need to be very good, so the students can read, what the TV is showing.
The better way would be using Zoom or similar like it´s intended.

Two monitors are basic for teaching over the net in my opinion. One for the streaming software and one for your documents, presentations and others

Maybe this can show you some basics:


You can record your session directly with zooom

A webcam is usually integrated in laptops, but can be bought as external devices as well. Get a high quality camera and you won´t need an extra video camera

live streaming can be done with a video camera, you will need a PC or good laptop if the camera can send the data directly to the PC by USb, if only HDMI, you will need a capture device HDMI to USB as well.

You can stream to e.g. instagram, youtube, facebook, twitch
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