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  1. Shikha Agrawal

    Question How to Use your iPhone As Webcam in Skype and zoom meetings ?

    How to Use your iPhone As Webcam in Skype and zoom meetings ?
  2. L

    Question USB Webcam for Android

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to connect a USB webcam to any android device and then be able to access the webcam via the camera2 APIs. Any help or additional info is greatly appreciated!
  3. L

    Question UVC/USB webcam for Android Phone

    Hello everyone -- I'm wondering if anyone has any experience replacing a built-in front-facing camera on any android device with a UVC/USB webcam. What I want to do is build a custom app that works on a regular android phone where I can use the camera1 or camera2 apis to get access to camera...
  4. M

    Solved! How to do online teaching live streaming as face to face classroom teaching?

    Hello everyone, I wonder if my question is off topic or a stupid question. I am very unfamiliar with the digital devices but now I have to buy and use those for my school. I would like to do on line teaching live streaming using zoom or something like that. If I buy a smart tv and connect it...