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  1. kenzomenzo


    Hello , i need help with my laptop MSI GT72 2QE DOMINATOR PRO I tried to remove the battery , and somehow i tried to turn on the laptop it wont power up , it need battery to plug in to power up. any idea how to Turn On this laptop without battery? i keep finding solution for this problem but...
  2. G

    Samsung Galaxy Core 2 won't turn on after battery drained, turns on for a few seconds and then turns off again

    Hi! So, my Samsung Galaxy Core 2 turned off after its battery drained. This happened because, even when I connected the charger, the battery percentage would go down. After it stayed off for a few hours, I connected the charger again and saw it turn on and off to only show an empty battery and a...
  3. X

    Laptop won't turn on until I hold the power button

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I've been having with my laptop. Laptop: Asus X751L 17.3" i5 Win 10 820m Cause: Occasionally, and usually when the laptop is simply left on sleep/idle overnight. Problem: When I turn it on in the morning, I find that the laptop is...
  4. D

    My Acer E5-571P laptop's led keep turn on after shutting down the pc. last time i faced the problem i find solution in a forum

    My Acer E5-571P laptop's led keep turn on after shutting down the pc. last time i faced the problem i find solution in a forum that it caused to updating to new driver , but this time i can't find the forum and can't find which drive it was?
  5. E

    Headphones (Razer Kraken Pro) lowering certain sounds??

    So, my Razer Kraken Pros are wonderful. They are just fantastic and I love the sound, but about 2 days ago, I had a couple problems. So, my headphones are lowering the sound but only some sounds. For example, when I listen to the song "Summerthing - Afrojack" I can hear the instrumental...
  6. W

    dxtory wont detect some games! Needs a Fix!

    Hello, i really need this to work! So i open dxtory and then my game (insurgency) and dxtory doesn't detect it at all. No profile or fps. I checked the errorlog.txt and this was in it: ========== 2015/12/07 15:26:06 ========== PID:3768 C:\Program Files...
  7. O

    the Alt button keep activated when actually i didnt press it.

    hi, i got problem with my laptop. my laptop can activate the alt key when i dont actually press it. i tried to disable the alt key using some softwares, both of them - the left and right alt, but still not working. this really annoy me. i can't type fast since the alt key keep getting activated...
  8. UItmaWepn

    Another way to solve laptop/desktop low volume issues.

    I had the same problem when I first bought my laptop, the volume just would not go loud enough, and everyone that has Windows 8.1 with bing knows that the enhancement tab under speaker setting has been removed for some reason. So, I have a very simple solution for you. Download and install the...
  9. Ant Vo

    Major Computer Slowdown- A Virus causing this? (Updated)

    Hello. My laptop currently is in very bad condition (software wise) I think. Ever since the day I bought it, I have been facing issues. On my Windows 8 boot-up, it took 3 hours to set the laptop up (12 A.M. to 3 A.M. (yes, I stayed up late)). Now, opening a simple game such as SanctuaryRPG and...
  10. A

    How to have a android phone connected to two routers?

    Is there an app that allows you to connect a android phone to two wireless networks at the same time or with button on the app.