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  1. M

    Question Vegas pro 16 crashes when clicking render as

    Hi, I've seen many posts about this, but none had a solution. I tried disabling gpu acceleration, going in the the internal and disable multi core rendering and so4. But none of that helped. I tried resetting my settings, downloading another version of vegas or even the new one . None have...
  2. B

    how to add a super saiyan (glow) effect on a moving person in sony vegas pro

    Hello, Im trying to add this effect ( on a moving person in a video..Is this possile in sony vegas pro?
  3. M

    Vegas Pro 15.0 LAG in preview but completely fine in 14.0 (High-End PC)

    So I recently got my hands on Vegas Pro 15.0 because I was curios to see the new NV Encode render mode, and to my surprise, I now render x6 times faster than I do with 14.0. Which is great, worth the investment for what I do, but I have also been struggling with choppy/laggy playback in the...
  4. T

    Sony Vegas D3D9.Dll File Error

    I've been trying to render a video all day on sony vegas but everytime it comes with the error: Problem Description Application Name: Vegas Pro Application Version: Version 13.0 (Build 310) 64-bit Problem: Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005) Fault Module...
  5. cosmicbatz

    Sony Vegas Pro 11: After rendering video only audio plays?

    After I rendered my video in sony vegas, I went to watch it and the first few seconds are frames struggling to stay alive and then just my text and pictures that I put over the video. NONE of the clips in the movie play, only pictures I've edited over and sound. Can someone please help me? This...
  6. A

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Not Responding When I Drag Media In Timeline.

    I am running the latest build of Sony Vegas 13 and usually edit videos using it. Just recently my Sony Vegas 13 Program would start "Not Responding" once I dragged in media from the timeline! I have restarted my computer nothing changes! I have looked at Youtube videos and try all there is with...
  7. S

    Vegas Pro Problem

    Each video's after half, no sound.Sorry for my bad english.Thanks for your help.
  8. T

    Sager Build... Help w/ Boot Drive, #1 HDD & #2 HDD decision?!?!

    I'm thinking about the Sager NP7378 (Clevo W370SS) - XoticPC is where I've been looking... Now this is my first laptop that I have ever gotten to choose some of the configuration and I'm over my head. HAHA I don't game at all and no games will be placed on this laptop but I will be working with...
  9. S

    Sony Vegas 13 Pro not able to use my GPU for speeding up rendering HELP!

    I have been trying to use my Graphics Card to speed up the rendering in Sony Vegas 13 and for some reason it can't pick up my Graphics Card which is a GTX 750Ti. I have checked to make sure my Graphics Card is updated to the latest version I have tried following tutorials on basically how to...
  10. AnthoRasher

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Render Problems

    So I have recently wanted to make videos for youtube, but the rendering for a 17 second clip took about 16 minutes to render.. The clip is just of white texts with effects on a black background, with audio of course.. System Specs: OS: Windows 8.1 GPU: GeForce GTX 660 CPU: Intel Core I5 Ram...
  11. R

    Vegas Pro 13

    Hi. So i have had vegas pro 12 and 13 with the same problem now for weeks and i can not figure out what the problem is. And searching the web does not help what so ever because their problem is the opposite from the one i am having. So to the problem at hand. The problem is simple. When ever...
  12. S

    I started a gaming channel. i render a video that was normally small but then increased after it was rendered

    the original file was about 2GB and after rendering on Sony Vegas pro 13 it went up to 5.5gb. dont know what i am doing wrong. as i said i just started, so i don't know much about editing. anyways didn't know where to put this thread.
  13. P

    New Laptop for Video Editing: HP vs Lenovo?

    I am currently looking for a new laptop, I travel a lot so I would need something portable but that can still be a workstation. Now I've brought my searching down to 2 different laptops but they are both tailored to what I need them for which includes: Heavy RAW full high definition 1080p video...