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    Question No signal from Sony home Theater N9200w

    Hi.I have a Sony Blu-ray N9200W 5:1 Home theatre system. For some reason I only get a "no signal" when I input to the appropriate HDMI that matches on the TV. I can play a DVD but only get the sound through the speakers or even i get tv sound from speakers but no pictures. I can't even get the...
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    Solved! Do I require a audio mixer?

    Hi Guys, I had purchased a Crown XLS 1000 power amp that is hooked up to two Polk atrium 8 speakers. Currently using a Chromecast Audio to stream music. Needed to know if I should get myself an audio mixer? Will it improve the music quality? this is only to play music not to record...
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    Question Hooking up a sub woofer

    Hi Guys, Need a little help here. I have 2 polk Atrium SDI 8 (one on each channel) https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-Atrium-Speaker-Single/dp/B00378KMIC?th=1 hooked up to a Crown Power Amp (it is a 2 channel amp)...
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    Solved! What amp should i buy for 3 bookshelf speakers?

    I have 3 Bookshelf speakers 2 is a sony SRS-150 and 1 is a fidek FHS-1410LT which i got from a korean junk store which had no pair i bought it anyways and they are all rated the same 40w 4ohms but what amp should i use to power them all?