Question What amp should i buy for 3 bookshelf speakers?

Jun 7, 2018
I have 3 Bookshelf speakers 2 is a sony SRS-150 and 1 is a fidek FHS-1410LT which i got from a korean junk store which had no pair i bought it anyways and they are all rated the same 40w 4ohms but what amp should i use to power them all?

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
Well, that's an unusual request, but it can be done. If you just want audio with no stereo separation (mono), then it's fairly easy. You do not want to connect 3 4 ohm speakers to a single channel of any amp, unless it's rated to handle a 1 ohm load! You can connect 3 speakers in series, like batteries for a 12 ohm load. Any amp can handle that, but the amp's rated power will be less. If you want stereo, wire 2 speakers in series on one channel and connect the other speaker to the other channel. This isn't advisable, but will work, as long as the amp can handle a 4 ohm load. This will be 8 ohms on one channel and 4 on the other.
Searching online the Sony speakers seem to be active and contain their own amplifiers built in. No receiver needed.
Unless you are going to do surround sound the single Fidek is pretty much useless. You could use it as a center channel but it won't match with the Sony speakers. You would need a receiver with line level front speaker outputs to use the Sony speakers with it.
My suggestion is to just use the Sony speakers.
If the Sony speakers are passive you will need an amp or receiver that is rated to run 4 ohm speakers. A surround sound receiver would let you use a 3 speakers as separate channels. There is no reason to use all three in stereo. It would sound worse not better.
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