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  1. R

    Question What amp should i buy for 3 bookshelf speakers?

    I have 3 Bookshelf speakers 2 is a sony SRS-150 and 1 is a fidek FHS-1410LT which i got from a korean junk store which had no pair i bought it anyways and they are all rated the same 40w 4ohms but what amp should i use to power them all?
  2. K

    Solved! Could this amp damage my speakers?

    I recently bought a Micca Origain amplifier to replace my old SMSL sa-50, thinking they would be comparable in performance. I hooked up my fluance sx6 speakers to the new amp and was disappointed by how much quieter it was. The chip in the sa-50 is rated at around 40 watts a channel into 8 ohms...
  3. A

    Amp power affecting channel volume?

    I'm on my second amp after the first sent a quiet/no signal to the left channel. This amp is doing the same. I've tried switching speakers and cables so its not that. Then I switched my power supply from an output of 12V 5A to 13.5 3A and the speakers wouldn't play anything/quiet. So now Im...
  4. T

    Help using the Modi/magni 2 uber

    Hey guys. I need your help, so let me explain. So I just bought the Modi/magni 2 uber along with Monolith M1060 Planar Headphones. I have a Samsung KS8000 TV that is connected to a Samsung soundbar via the Arc output. My Pc is connected to the samsung tv as well. As of right now I have my...
  5. HappyTorrent

    Info on a TEAC SA-200 Amplifier and ST-200 AM/FM Stereo Tuner?

    I literally just found a TEAC SA-200 Integrated Amplifier and a TEAC ST-200 AM/FM Stereo Tuner. Someone threw them out, but they seem to work just fine. So far I hooked up my pair of Zenith SRF711B 2 way speakers (15watts) to it and I can definitely confirm the amp has more power than 15w. I...
  6. L

    Amplifier and Speakers Noob Question

    I have an old Sony Compact Disk Deck Receiver(SONY HCD-H550K). According to its amplifier spec, it produces 30+30w output per channel, a peak of 300 watts with speaker output impedance from 6-16ohms and its speakers spec only states its impedance which is at 6ohms(no wattage and other info). I...
  7. M

    Headphone Amp questions

    I just bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50s and everyone's saying I should get an amp but I know absolutely nothing about them. Are they necessary? Which ones are good? Will I be able to use my 2.1 system alongside it? If any of you could answer even some of the following questions that...
  8. C

    Amp advice and how to wire speakers up to an amp and then amp to laptop.

    i have these and one of these What amp would you suggest buying and also how would you wire it all up to...
  9. A

    amp for NS10's Auratones

    what is a good amplifier to run NS10's and auratone super 5cs?