Solved! Could this amp damage my speakers?


Sep 12, 2014
I recently bought a Micca Origain amplifier to replace my old SMSL sa-50, thinking they would be comparable in performance. I hooked up my fluance sx6 speakers to the new amp and was disappointed by how much quieter it was. The chip in the sa-50 is rated at around 40 watts a channel into 8 ohms with 10% THD and I never brought the volume past around 2 o'clock on the knob.The origain is rated at 30 watts rms with a much lower %0.5 THD, but I need to crank the volume to near max before I get the same output as the sa-50 at half and I'm worried about damaging my speakers if I go any higher. From what I understand a lower THD is less likely to damage my speakers because it's cleaner power with less clipping, but is %0.5 low enough that I shouldn't be afraid to turn my amp all the way up?


Sep 22, 2011
I wouldn't think so, should be fine. Does the amp have and impedance setting and does it match the speakers and is the 30W rating also at 8 ohm?
If it's rated at a low impedance you will get less power into 8 ohm speakers.

Also volume is a funny thing, the human ear is not linear. A perceived difference in volume for most people is around 3dB or double the power so normally the power difference between 30 & 40W should be almost imperceptible. Cleaner sound does seem quieter as well. This doesn't really explain such a large difference in volume levels though.


Oct 8, 2016
The simple answer is regardless of the amp you're using, you wont damage your speakers unless you push your speakers too far. And with a bit of care you will be able to hear before you do that.
The volume control potentiometer itself may be the reason it's different.
A linear volume control responds differently than a logrithmic pot. You get the same volume but not at the same rotation. One will be almost 90% of full power at 12 oclock the other at full rotation. The max is still the same.
Any amp that gives you a power rating at 10% is a rip off.
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