Dec 30, 2013
I have an old Sony Compact Disk Deck Receiver(SONY HCD-H550K). According to its amplifier spec, it produces 30+30w output per channel, a peak of 300 watts with speaker output impedance from 6-16ohms and its speakers spec only states its impedance which is at 6ohms(no wattage and other info). I have been using it for a few years with my computer connected to its aux and it works great but for some unknown reasons, it recently stopped producing any sounds. At first, I thought the problem was with the speakers but when I try putting headphones in its headphone jack, still no sound is produced, be it in aux or tuner. And the tuner also stopped receiving any fm stations when scanning(also no hiss sounds was coming out in the headphone for unused fm channel) thus making me conclude that the receiver itself is broken. Now, I want to buy a cheap china amplifier so that I could still use the speakers or check if my speakers are still ok. I've been searching in my local online store for cheap amps(10-20$) that match the specs of the sony's. So far, I've only found items which specs are almost as close as the sony. 30+30w output, 180w peak, 4-8ohms impedance.

Can I use the amplifier with the spec stated above to power up my sony's seakers even though the peak is only at 180w?And I also found amps with a 300w peak but an output per channel at only 20w or 25w, can I also use them?Thanks


Jun 16, 2006
You can probably make do with a much lower rated amp like the lepai 2020A+. Sony (as well as all major brands) tend to grossly exaggerate the wattage ratings on their amps. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more like 5+5w. Also you may have trouble hooking the speakers up, unless you don't mind stripping a few wires.

As far as tamps go, the Lepai isn't superloud, but it'll get the job done for very little money. If you want to go louder try a topping tp22. Avoid Pyle as they say their amps are 10x as powerful as they really are, and Dayton as they only last a few months.