Speaker and amplifier connection!

Sep 19, 2018

I recently found a Sonken SA 700 RS amplifier lying a few streets down mine, it seemed pretty fine so I thought I should take it home as it may be of some use to me. Later in the week, I found a pair of speakers around the same area. The speakers seemed like one of those speakers with inbuilt amps and with all input features(line in, USB etc). I thought to myself and started experimenting with the equipment that I found. I connected the speakers to the amplifier and gave it an input as well. The music played through the speakers, but the only problem was that the sound was very faint. I tried increasing the volume of the amp itself and the input source but there was no effect.
The speakers have two 25W speakers each of 8ohm impedance each and the amplifier has an output power of 350W + 350W. I am not very well known to the technicalities of the equipment, but would very much like them to work.
I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you.
On the back of the mixer-amp there should be preamp output - amp input stereo RCA jacks. There may be 2 jumpers to connect them.
If they are not there then there is no connection from the preamp to the amp inside the Sonken so no sound from the speaker terminals. If you had passive speakers you would use a set of stereo RCA audio cables to replace the missing jumpers.
If they are there then turn the amp off and remove the jumpers.
In either case you can connect the powered speakers to the L/R RCA preamp outputs.
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