Question Recommendations for a new Android phone - what should I get ?

Jan 30, 2022
HI, recently I have had a pixel 3, xiaomi 9 note pro and currently using Samsung 10 note plus 5G

My pet peevs with the note 10 plus is the curved screen and the on screen finger print scanner. What is great are the photos and it has 12GB ram. What I like about the note 9 pro is the side button finger print scanner and the head phone jack (but it has a terrible speaker phone/ear piece issue that hasnt been fixed yet!)

So I'd love a flagship type phone with a flat screen and finger print scanner not on the screen. A headphone jack would be a bonus but not a dealer breaker . Of course minimum 8 GM ram , snappy CPU and great photos are also important.

What are your current recommendations ? I am happy to buy a second hand or refurbished phone (which is what the note 10 plus is)



Oct 25, 2017
Just found out Pixel 3 received its last update, and Pixel 6 will apparently not get more than three years of Android release support, despite the processor being in-house (Google is its own SoC vendor now, so it could support the Pixel 6 for longer if it wanted.) I'm now reconsidering Pixel 6, (or even a used Pixel 5). Sorry, not a recommendation, more of a warning against replacing your old Pixel with a newer one.