Question Pioneer SXS-30 amp and bookshelf speakers

Mar 20, 2020
Hello. I will be receiving the Pioneer SXS-30 amp tomorrow and I have a question about which speakers I should use.
I am a beginner and will be setting up bookshelf speakers for the time being.
I have 2 Sony 50 watt speakers at 6 ohms and I also have 2 Pioneer speakers at 50 watts at 4 ohms.
Does anyone have a suggestion for what would be most suited for this amp?
I will be connecting them for movie viewing and playing the odd vinyl here and there.
Cheers and thanks in advance.
That receiver is rated to drive speakers 4 ohms and above so you could use either set of speakers. Try each pair and use the ones that sound best to you.
The power spec on that receiver is not going to give you a realistic idea of how much power it actually has. They rate the power with 1 channel playing. The distortion is 1% which is audible.
Be careful not to damage the speakers. If the receiver is being overdriven the distortion can damage the tweeters.