Question what amp spec for wharfdale diamond 4 speakers

Sep 27, 2020
I have a pair of wharfdale diamond 4 speakers, yes they are old speakers but they have a great sound, I am going to use them for monitors for my alesis dm10 electric drumkit, i need to know what spec of amp to purchase to run them, they won't be run at silly volumes as they will be directly in front of the drumkit, the spec of the wharfdales are as follows, 100w, 86db, and 8ohm.
I am looking to buy used amp from ebay but need a rough guide on wattage of amp needed or even a particular amp if anyone has any suggestions, i don't want to spend anymore than £100 the cheaper the better.
Can anyone help me.
Thanks in advance.
The 100 watt spec is "program power" not rms power so I would say 25-50 watts rms per channel would be fine. I would not spend any money to go above 75 watts rms per channel.

You will have to be very careful not to blow them up. They are not monitor speakers and can't take that kind of punishment. Too much power and the woofers blows but too little power and the tweeters blow.