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    New HP 570-p014 PC to old Creatuve Inspire P580 6 spirit sound system

    Replaced old HP that was connected to the Creative spur system w/ 3 plugs (frt, rear, car/subwoofer). New HP has only single sound output jack, but claims to have 5.1 surround sound. How do I connect and retain sound quality. I have not started new PC yet to retain ability to return if not...
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    I need help with my cellphone number

    I need to find my cellphone number in my phone even though I don't have very many friends that can help me and I need to find out what my cellphone number is so I can get a job application Spirit Halloween store in Gresham Oregon .
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    I don't have my files LG spirit

    SD query query about primary storage
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    Poweramp Problem...maybe dead? :/

    Ok, here's the deal. One day I came in my music room and turned on my pa system which consists of Soundcraft Spirit SX 12, Castone CPA800 Power Amplifier, and speakers. My band used this PA throughout a long period of time and had no problems with it whatsoever. Back to the issue! When I turned...
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    i have a metro pcs spirit phone but want to switch to straight talk can i switch with this phone

    can I switch with a metro pcs spirit phone