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  1. K

    Solved! ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR and more errors

    Hello guys, I can't connect to specific sites on the internet. I have looked everywhere and found a handfull of solutions, but nothing works. Everytime i try and log into a secure site i get an error in both google Chome, Microsoft Edge and Internet explore. This ONLY happens when i am on...
  2. S

    Can’t Access internet : err_ssl_bad_record_mac_alert

    Hi, I’ve looked online and the answers didn’t work on my computer. I’m on windows 10. Since the latest updates I get this error when trying to go on the internet : err_ssl_bad_record_mac_alert I get this error by WiFi or Cable. I tried to deactivate bitdefender, deactivate ssl in chrome...
  3. C

    Solved! SSL error problem

    I am not able to open Google website.. and YouTube but other websites are fine.. what is the problem .. iam getting a error like this SSL error.
  4. I

    need an answer

    I have a rockford fosgate 12" p2 svc 1ohm sub with a r500×1 class d mono amp.i plugged in the pass thru and hooked it to a ssl fr1000.2 channel amp and a 4 ohm 15" brutus. The rockford sub was playing good but the brutus sub wasnt getting anything but the ssl amp was fine not in protection...
  5. D

    Indication that SSL was breached on July 27

    OK, showing my ignorance here. I use an outside IT service to remote in and keep my computer working. They called and indicated I had a breach of SSL on July 27 (which they showed me somehow on-screen). Is this a problem? Does it need to be reinstalled somehow? I thought it was part of...
  6. T

    Avast and Opera 12.18 SSL scan

    I dont know how import Avast certificate to this version of opera. It is possible to enable it? I know it is outdated browser, pls dont tell me this. Thanks
  7. T


    Hi, ive been having this issue for awhile now. whenver i try to go to my account details using the steam app i get the error "code -159, Failed to load webpage (unknown error)". but when i try to do it through browser i get the error "ERR_SSL_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME_ALERT". i do not know the problem...
  8. Rossdowling321

    Three website had its code changed due to no SSL key being active?

    It says "Trying to find the best deal on Pay As You Go sucks." There is no way that they would put "sucks" in the title.
  9. C

    What is a SSL handshake? In terms of the diagnostic data report on my iPhone

    In the "Diagnostic and Data Usage " section on my "Settings " app for my iPhone. It has "Apple.extentions", what does it mean?
  10. D

    Invalid SSL Certificate / Your connection is not private

    Hi, well basically a few days ago i noticed that i wasnt able to purchase anything on steam, i wasnt able to redeem codes or anything because i was getting this error: Invalid SSL Certificate The SSL certificate for is invalid and the...
  11. K

    Whats SSL and can i buy a SSL software like a VPN?

    Title says it.
  12. 5hadowking115

    Help identifying/removing particular adware on Chrome. (Banners, pop ups, Ali Express, War Thunder, Russian Websites)

    So, for the past month, there's been this virus that I'm not even sure how I got (I visit a few shady sites, so that's probably it, though I don't know specifics) it. I've compiled a few research pieces to analyze, but I don't even know where to begin. Here's a link with several files that I...
  13. A

    Firefox error ssl_error_bad_mac_alert

    So whenever I try to access my receipt from my University werbsite it gives me this error : I've checked almost all of the solutions, can't find anything. Any expert up for help?
  14. S

    Facebook SSL Error!

    When I am trying to open Facebook, this shows up. I don't know what to do. I haven't made any recent changes also. The site's security certificate is not trusted! You attempted to reach, but the server presented a certificate issued by an entity that is not trusted by your...
  15. G

    Iran Suspected of Breach in Acquired Google SSL Cert.

    DigiNotar, a digital Certificate Authority (CA), has confirmed that its infrastructure was breached in July and a fraudulent SSL certificate was available until yesterday. Iran Suspected of Breach in Acquired Google SSL Cert. : Read more
  16. W

    SMTP only mail server set up

    Hi all, I have several applications and devices (nas, gateway router, back up application crystal reports automation app, etc.) each one of them has a capability to send out email notifications regards their status and so on. However, not all of them support SSL connections. So for some I can...
  17. E

    Download ssl certificat gmail sony ericsson mobiles

    Hello, i cant use the email with sony ericsson k700i . my phone need an ssl sertificat to open email with pop3 .
  18. G

    200 PS3's Break VeriSign's SSL

    With the aid of 200 PlayStation 3's, a worldwide team of internet security experts were able to break VeriSign's Secure Socket Layer software. 200 PS3's Break VeriSign's SSL : Read more
  19. gxsolace

    PayPal To Block Browsers Without Extended Validation SSL

    PayPal is to block any browsers that do not support the Extended Validation SSL Certificate in a move designed to curb phishing. PayPal To Block Browsers Without Extended Validation SSL : Read more
  20. G

    WTB 1/2" "modular" plastic pots clarostat or bourns

    Archived from groups:,, (More info?) I'm looking to buy any quantity of dual pots of the following series: Clarostat series 409 or 388 Bourns 51 series. They are square (0.5"x0.5") plastic pots made of stackable sections. They were used for...
  21. G

    SSL for Windows CE

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am looking for SSL source or an SSL program which runs on Windows CE 3.0. I am willing to purchase it