Solved! ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR and more errors

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Oct 16, 2015
Hello guys,

I can't connect to specific sites on the internet. I have looked everywhere and found a handfull of solutions, but nothing works.

Everytime i try and log into a secure site i get an error in both google Chome, Microsoft Edge and Internet explore.

This ONLY happens when i am on wifi. My LAN connection works.

Specific eksample:
1. I go to facebooks front page - no problem
2. I enter password and username
3. i get a error in Chrome: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR & Edge: INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE

Same goes for Netflix, Toms Guide ect.

What i have done:
- Clear internet history in both browsers (All time)
- Clear SSL in proxy sittings in both browser and windowns.
- Disable Windows Defender
- Uninstalled all antivirus on my PC
- Reboot, disconnect from wifi ect.
- Set time and date to automatic.

I am on my work PC at the moment, and have no problems at all. So is on my MSI GS PC only.
My Iphone have no problem either.

What do i do?

Network information:
5 GHz
Killer Wireless AC 1550i Wireless netork adaptor (9560NGW)

Different types of errors:

Toms just time out with the reference: #2.641d4117.1543496333.0


Thanks you


Oct 16, 2015

It only happens on Wifi. I just made a lot of test on LAN. All good!

And yes, the time i correct.
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