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    Laptop sometimes takes long time to start

    Hi i have an old laptop Acer Aspire 4540, sometimes when i turn it on, the power light indicator is turned on but the laptop itself won't turned on, like just blank screen, nothing, and i decided to just wait, and suddenly after waiting for 30-more minutes it turned on itself. I've tried fn+f7...
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    hp laptop startup problem

    Hello! I have a problem with my hp pavilion (15-b005eo). So the problem is that when I try to start the laptop the screen stays black but the fan and everything else is running. There is no leds blinking, caps lock led is off. If anyone has an solution, i would really appriciate if you could...
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    Startup Problem HP dv6700

    So, basically, I'm having an issue getting my laptop to start up. I had taken it apart to clean it, and once I put it back together it wouldn't start up. Before I had taken it apart, it worked fine, but would get hot. The reason I took it apart was to remove the dust from the fan. Here's the...
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    lenovo y510p start up problem.. help please !

    My lenovo y510p is just 2 months old. When I switch on my lenovo y510p , lenovo logo appears for a very less time ( less dan a sec) followed by a black screen for about 10 seconds . Then a screen showing " please wait " appears followed again by black screen. Now after few seconds when I...