Laptop sometimes takes long time to start


Jul 7, 2016
Hi i have an old laptop Acer Aspire 4540, sometimes when i turn it on, the power light indicator is turned on but the laptop itself won't turned on, like just blank screen, nothing, and i decided to just wait, and suddenly after waiting for 30-more minutes it turned on itself. I've tried fn+f7, replacing the battery, and nothing wrong with shutting it down before (some says that it's stuck between sleep/turn on, like machine is on but screen is sleep), and i'm really curious why this happen? how to fix it so i don't have to wait for unknown time
Attach an external monitor to the laptop, see if that screen comes up normally.

Try removing the battery, unplug from wall power and hold in the power button for 30 seconds, see if that helps. Did you try different RAM? Maybe a failing hard drive also.