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  1. S

    What kind of laptop would be great for an architect student?

    I'm an architecture student in the market looking for a good laptop that will last a few years. It's got to be sturdy and portable, but also lightweight. I'm not very good with understanding computer specs and such, so I need some guidance finding a laptop that can run programs like AutoCAD and...
  2. Mojoe134

    Which drone should i buy?

    I really wanted to buy a drone so i could fly a drone over the highschool football game for the school to watch. We have this KPTV and morning announcement club thing and i think it would be awesome to put in a clip of a play for the video. I want a drone that is reliable and sturdy so it wont...
  3. F

    Looking for extremely durable but also powerful student laptop recommendations?

    As a student, I'll be lugging the laptop around most of the time so I'm looking for something first and foremost very durable and portable. In form factor I'm looking for what is essentially a Mac Book Pro, except that I need a Windows machine. 1. What is your budget? Assume this is a...