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  1. J

    Question How to Connect 2 Powered Subwoofers to each other and run 4 Powered Speakers from them all Connected to my Laptop ?

    So right now I have my Laptop and out of my Laptop's 3.5MM jack is the 3.5MM Cable that Connects to the Dual RCA Line In on the back of my Powered Subwoofer. Then the RCA Line Out from the back of the Subwoofer to my Powered Studio Monitor Speakers. Now my question is if I wanted to upgrade to a...
  2. Thines_1

    Subwoofer suggestions for amplifier

    Hi, i have this amplifier (Alfa Linear AL320.4) in my car, the previous owner installed it, but the subwoofer isnt working. The amp has power going through it, so its still fine. Any ideas on what subwoofers supports the amp? Not sure how to select a subwoofer for the amp since there is watts...
  3. A

    How to test subwoofers?

    I got an old Sony STR K840P 5.1 600w amp that came with all the original speakers, and I'm looking at upgrading the weak 100w subwoofer. I figured, instead of spending +$100 on a sub on amazon, I would check out all the subs they have at goodwill all the time. Is there a way to test them without...
  4. J

    Computer Audio Subwoofers Amp

    I recently purchased 2 subwoofers and a 1500W amp. I would like to hook these up to my computer. I currently have no power for the amp, and could i run power from my computer to it? or would i need an alternative power source? If so, what could i use for a power source?