Question How to Connect 2 Powered Subwoofers to each other and run 4 Powered Speakers from them all Connected to my Laptop ?

Mar 5, 2019
So right now I have my Laptop and out of my Laptop's 3.5MM jack is the 3.5MM Cable that Connects to the Dual RCA Line In on the back of my Powered Subwoofer. Then the RCA Line Out from the back of the Subwoofer to my Powered Studio Monitor Speakers. Now my question is if I wanted to upgrade to a Second Subwoofer and an addtional 2 more Powered Studio Monitor Speakers how would I connect the Second Subwoofer to the existing Set Up ? The Subwoofer I have now has 2 RCA Outputs/Inputs, 2 XLR Inputs/Outputs, and 1/4 Inch Inputs Only. Can I connect the 2 Subwoofers together by running XLR Cables from the Existing Subwoofers Outputs to the New Subwoofers XLR Inputs and then Connect the 2 New Speakers to the Second Subwoofers additional Outputs without losing Sound Quality and Power ? I would think that would be ok being all the Speakers and Subs are Self Powered and all made by the same Brand (Rockville). But what I did notice is when I first set up just the 1 Subwoofer with 2 Studio Monitor Speakers it sounded Great. Nice and Loud and Powerful. But once I bought a 3rd Powered Studio Monitor to add to the mix and hooked it up to the existing set up and went to listen to them it sounded to me like I wasn't getting the same Power as when I had just the 2 Monitors by themselves. Sounded as though the 3rd Powered Monitor was draining the whole set up of Power and didn't seem as Loud even though I expected it to be that much Louder. Anybody know about this stuff cause I'm not a Professional by any means of the word lol. Any Help would be Much Appreciated. Thanks !!
To get stereo bass you would want each subwoofer to get only one channel from the laptop. Split the right output into two rights and connect both to one pair of inputs of the right subwoofer. Connect a pair of powered speakers to the outputs of that sub. That will make them both right channels. Duplicate for the left channel subwoofer and pair of powered speakers. Adjust the subwoofer level of each sub.
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