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  1. B

    Ps2 on hisense tv

    First off hi and thanks for any help. Now I have a hisense model 43cu6100 4k uhd tv and my av plugins are component composite hybrid. I was offered a ps2 and snes for a reasonable price but before I get them wanted to know will they work on my tv or will I have to get something like a av to hdmi...
  2. G

    Analogue Super Nt Review: The SNES Clone You’ve Been Waiting For

    The Analogue Super Nt is a celebration of the Super Nintendo, though a high price tag and some missing features make it more of a niche product. Analogue Super Nt Review: The SNES Clone You’ve Been Waiting For : Read more
  3. Jonas P

    SNES Antenna output to digital input conversion

    Hi, so I have an old SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) from my older brother, and sister, I have recently had an urge to play some of the old games again, without having to install an emulator, and having to buy the SNES mini (however tempting it might be), but this being an older...
  4. A

    Help connecting super nintendo to vizio tv

    I have a Vizio TV and just recently purchased a Super Nintendo with a coaxial cord. It plugs in and turns on just fine but I can't find a channel that works with it. HELPPPPP!!!!
  5. EliteSmore

    Looking for Decent Emulators for PSP and SNES.

    Years ago when i would look for emulators there were less options, now looking back into them there's so many and some are unreliable.There are others that are irritatingly complicated to get running. Can anyone give me some good recommendations?
  6. K

    Looking for a movie player notebook

    I'm hoping that the forums can help me with this idea I have. I want to have a small notebook designed specifically for watching HD videos by connecting to a TV. 1. What is your budget? -I'm planning for the future so I'm not sure of my budget as yet but ideally less than $500. The cheaper the...