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  1. U

    Question Surface pro 5 shuts down every few minutes

    My surface pro shuts down every few minutes of using it, I know it's not overheating because I turned on the fan and it still shut down, what do you think is wrong?
  2. U

    Question Surface pro 5 charger broken

    I have a surface pro 5, the charger flashed before and switched between charging and not charging unless I put it in a certain position, now it doesn't work at all, what's wrong? I can't replace it
  3. DiabloDj1

    Potential Upgrade to a Surface Pro or Book

    Going to fill out the info as requested below, but here's my situation: I normally use my laptop to run a two-screen (one monitor plus laptop screen) setup for work (office, cloud programs and Google Chrome, mainly). It's hooked up at home all day, but decent battery life would be nice. No...
  4. Meeplebops

    What kind of specs for a 'gaming' laptop?

    I'm looking at getting a laptop or surface pro 4. Was wondering if any of you guys would be able to assist me in the kind of specs I should look at. The use cases will be: - running solidworks for my dissertation to model components etc - running some emulation for on the go nostalgia gaming -...
  5. J

    Seeking portable laptop to run Adobe Lightroom

    I have an old, clunker of a laptop that is starting to finally give up the ghost. I first purchased it as a primary computer about 6-7 years ago to do all of my video and photo edits using Adobe software, primarily Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. About 2 years ago I built...
  6. ZenShredder

    Surface Pro 2, Cintiq Companion, What Do You Recommend?

    So as digital artists, my girlfriend and I have decided to buy a portable Tablet-PC because it's just something we'd like to have. We mainly work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, with the exception of my girlfriend working in Maya and similar programs for animation. I've been looking at...
  7. B

    Surface Pro Overclocking

    Hey Everyone, I recently purchased the 128 Gig Surface Pro from my local Best Buy. Not going to lie, I love this thing, but am running into a few issues. To begin, my steam games won't launch. Or they won't launch...most of the time. They used to, but ever since I updated the Intel HD 4000...