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  1. DryPeanutButter

    Question Unsure if I'm hearing real 5.1 DTS

    So I've got an outdated reciever and speakers for 5.1. Because my RCA RT2500 is so old, it cannot decode 5.1 audio when I'm connected to an optical cable, which is what I connect to my Blu-ray player. So I got an "external 5.1 decoder". I watched a movie and it sounded fine and audio was coming...
  2. B

    Question Yamaha rx-v385 surround speaker issue

    So I recently purchased a Yamaha rx-v385. The way I have it set up is ps4 hdmi into it (dd bitstream) and hdmi out to my tv. For some reason while gaming my surround speakers sound echoey when characters are speaking behind me. This issue and be some what fixed by restoring factory settings but...
  3. billsam

    Question Can a Samsung HT_j5550l/ZN play netflix in dolby digital plus in the app on it?

    Hello I want to purchase a surround system that enables me to watch netflix in 5.1 and i saw a samsung HT_j5550l/ZN with the tall speakers for 300$ used . so I was wondering if it could be able to do the task. I have an old jvc 44 inch LED
  4. Question How does one hook up 5.1 surround sound ? (Logitech Z607)

    I may be stupid, but I think I am missing something obvious. I bought speakers Logitech Z607 for sole purpose of surround sound (never had that and this may be fine for start). I have plan to attach it to PC. Speakers have several outputs: My motherboard is Gigabyte B450 AORUS M It does have...
  5. K

    Question are soundbars upgradable?

    Hi, I'm new to the technologies in audio and so this may be a basic question. I'm a music/audio lover and i'm looking to upgrade my 7 year old Sony 5.1 surround system(doesnt really have surround effect). Also, I currently cannot buy something for 400-500$. So, is it possible to get the sound...
  6. B

    Question trouble hooking up befree 4.1 channel surround sound to desktop pc

    I have these speakers And i have this motherboard