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  1. hiAnsh

    Solved! HDMI Switcher output resolution changes to 1920 thereby cutting off audio

    I have a Matrix 4x2 HDMI Switcher and a Le Smart TV . My inputs are DTH, XBox, Apple TV and Outputs are TV and Projector. I am facing the below problems: a) My DTH is 1080p and set to that, but it automatically switches output to 1920 and there is no audio out from TV. To fix I have to remove...
  2. N

    I need more inputs on my TV. What budget switcher should I buy?

    I have two HDMI inputs and one RCA input in my TV. I need one more of both. What is a good budget switcher I should buy? I cant find one with both HDMI and RCA for anywhere near the price I can afford, as theyre around $100+. Im looking for one thats $10-25. Should I just buy a switcher for...
  3. H

    Audio Switcher - Sound Cutting Out

    Hi All, I have a nice little shelf system that I use for most of my audio needs in my office. In the summer I also have speakers outside that I'd like to connect to the same system in order to use both inside or outside. I have a 4-Way A/V switcher that I used to accomplish this. I spliced...