Audio Switcher - Sound Cutting Out


Apr 25, 2016
Hi All,

I have a nice little shelf system that I use for most of my audio needs in my office. In the summer I also have speakers outside that I'd like to connect to the same system in order to use both inside or outside.

I have a 4-Way A/V switcher that I used to accomplish this. I spliced the speaker wires to RCA cables to connect to the switcher, then RCA cables into the +/- of the system.

The issue is the sound cuts out on anything but minimum volume if both speakers are plugged into the switcher output. If only 1 output is plugged in, I can turn it up as high as I wish. Hell if I only half plug the 2nd speaker RCA into the switch, both will play just fine at any audio level. It's only when both are in that it cuts and chops.

Keep in mind I haven't even hooked up anything with the outside speakers, just using the shelf set through the switcher.

So before I spend the money on a new switcher, is the switcher the problem? Is the cheap unused RCA Red/White cable the problem? I'd get speaker wire if I knew how to put the male RCA adapters on.

Thanks for the help, I can provide more details if need be.