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    Syncing two JBL Pulse 2 Speakers

    So if when i connect two JBL Pulse 2 Speakers together with JBL Connect, do the LEDs sync too? aka same exact effect and timing on both. Thanks, appreciate answers. ps: i haven't bought them yet so thats why am asking obviously.
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    Where does Google Photos sync to, if I have no Google+ ?

    In the Sync settings under Google accounts, there is an option to Sync Google photos. I use this particular google account just to sync my phone contacts and calendar and nothing else, so it does not have an associated Google+ account. In this case, if Google photos sync is on, will it actually...
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    Problems with video files and editing softwares

    I have a bunch of recorded files that are either in a .mp4 or a .ts file that I've been recording to use for the past few months. All of them were recorded with Avermedia's Live Gamer HD. For the .mp4 files, I can view them back perfectly in sync in Media Player Classic, Quicktime, and Windows...