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    Streaming video to multiple devices. NAS

    I'm looking at QNAP or Synology to setup a NAS/home server. What I want do is be able to stream 1080/4k video to multiple sources at the same time. I have Vizio and Samsung TV's some of them are 4k. I also have cell phones,tablets. I want to be able to watch these videos from this NAS anywhere...
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    Solved! Amazon S3, Glacier, drive or synology C2

    Hello All I am wondering what the best cloud backup is for my small company. I need a permanent backup of around 500gb and counting. Any pro's and Con's from the one above? Thanks alot
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    Synology Hybrid RAID recovery

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone here has the insight on how to speed up a data recovery thats been running since december last year... yeah im not kidding about that. Here's the scenario I've got a Synology DS114+, with 2x Western Digital 3Tb green label harddrive set up in DSM's Hybrid...
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    Comprehensive home security

    So, I'm about to buy a new route, NAS, and laptop, and wanted to capture as many security practices from stage 1 as possible. Any thoughts/changes/recommendations are deeply needed! Router: Synology RT2600AC LOADED WITH: Synology Intrusion Prevention Client VPN(NORDVPN paid subscription)...
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    HTPC Case - GTX 980

    I am building an HTPC for 4k media playback off of my Synology DS415+ NAS. CPU: i7 4790k Motherboard: ASUS Z97I- Plus (mini-ITX) Video Card: MSI GTX 980 I am looking for a sleek HTPC case that can fit a full size discrete graphics card and have proper cooling for i7 and GTX 980. Any...
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    LF: ideal student's bedroom audio streaming solution

    Hi TL;DR: I'm looking for an audio solution to play music from my Synology DiskStation. There are many many many possible solutions though and I would like to find the best for me, which is why I'm posting here. I think a Rasperry PI with RuneAudio and some hardware & speakers are best so far...
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    Solved! What media streamer is best to use with Synology DS410?

    I just purchased a Synology DS410 to (among other things) store media to stream onto my Philips LCD HDTV (model 47PFL9664H/12). Though both the Synology unit and the Philips TV are DLNA-certified, I now hear that Philips implementation of DLNA is limited, and I need a digital media streamer of...