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    New gaming laptop

    Hey guys... I am planning on buying a new laptop this month and I would like some kind of help cause I am stack between two laptops... First one is this...
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    First time computer builder...What do?

    So I'm currently in the research stage of building my very first computer. I'm wondering if there are words of advice out there for any step of the process? Examples: Reliable parts info, What I should put the most effort and money into, any shortcuts or longcuts I should take, and of course...
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    Looking For Laptop that can handle Engineering Apps - 750$

    Hi all, As the title says i need laptop that can run engineering apps like Autocad, etc not necessary to be highest setting ever but at least decent settings screen/ 15" or 17" both ok CPU/ i7 would be nice budget/ 750$ Thanks in advane
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    building a pc help

    i wanna know which pc can run gta iv!!!(not v) at the lowest price but it will run softly on the best setting preformance... to help you i got the system req: Minimum: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz Memory: 1.5GB Free Hard Drive Space: 16GB Video Card: 256MB...
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    New System, What testing software should i get????

    Basically ive just built a new gaming rig and would like to know what the best software is to fully test my system before i start using it? I've heard HWmonitor is great but would like to know some more recommendations!
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    Can you combine laptops?

    I have 2 laptops sitting around, and was wondering if it would be possible to combine the 2? i.e. the cpus, ram cards, stuff like that. they are both acers, one is just older and sitting there collecting dust. if it is possible, could someone either give me an idiot proof guide or point me in...
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    help choosing the right parts for a new computer

    hi im wanting to build a new computer to run 2 separate operating systems simultaneously id like to run both windows 8.1 pro and some form of Linux id like for both operating systems to have their own hybrid drives so the operating systems can both be saved to ssd. id also really like it to be a...
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    Can i just buy oem

    its just the same as retail without the fancy box right? Only the norton sight and ebuyer have this babble about system builder agreement. I built my pc last year abd got the retail version coz it was cheaper but this time its way cheaper for oem so can i get it?