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  1. D

    Solved! Trusted Credentials/CA Certificates on Android

    I have an Android phone. It's a ZTE Axon or something. I noticed today while menu diving that the 'Security' section has 'Trusted Credentials'. Upon viewing these a lot of the credential certificates looked kinda sketchy. A few I googled and seem legitimate but some others I googled had some...
  2. R

    How to Make Your MacBook Invisible on a Shared Network

    Making your MacBook invisible on a shared network can improve your privacy. Even when your MacBook is visible to other users on the same network, they can’t access your files unless you grant access to them. Making your MacBook invisible helps increase your system security and keeps unwanted...
  3. M

    Macs Attacked by North Korean Hackers: What to Know

    North Korean hacking group targets Macs in order to break into cryptocurrency exchanges and steal digital money. Macs Attacked by North Korean Hackers: What to Know : Read more
  4. L

    Need advice, post - hacked and now my drive is missing

    Alright so, im just gonna be real here and state that i did in fact have teamviewer on. i had it set to a 'random' password, and thats how they were able to get in - i actually caught them in the process of trying to buy a $1499 iphone x.(like 40 minutes ago !!) VERY fortunately, i was able to...
  5. jsimenhoff

    Common Sense Tips for Cybersecurity

    Ransomware. Phishing attacks. Malware. These days, cyberthreats are everywhere :fou: Companies big and small are taken down all the time. Even us, the authority in tech, have to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of these constant attacks. It's not uncommon to be blasted by DDOS attackers and...
  6. JoshRoss

    What software do you use for malware hunting/tracking/recovering?

    I and Mdd1963 had a nice discussion in another topic, about some malware hunting and recovering techniques, but I think it is a lot fitting to have a thread where people can read and post their opinions on such matters, as I am too are interested in potential tools and possibilities! Fire away...
  7. B

    Reset my Acer Aspire One d255 Laptop to factory settings

    will resetting my Aspire One d255 Laptop the factory settings as if I just bought it I locked myself out and I don't have reset disk or means to download this software to reset it don't know what else to do
  8. S

    Programs Opening Randomly and Destop Icons Re-arranged

    Hello, I was using my laptop earlier in the day, and I left it alone, on with a program running (Wot ). A couple of hours later, I remember it and went back to it. What I then saw suprised me. All the icons on my desktop were arranged in a different pattern then I left them in. Also, a lot of...
  9. KiL3MaNjAr0W

    Challenge by my Security+ Professor

    Okay so my professor for Net+ has offered a challenge to his students that will be enrolled in his Security+ class next semester. The challenge is getting passed his network security and obtaining his windows product code if successful we will not have to attend a class or complete an assignment...
  10. M

    The web is dark and full of terrors

    I was doing something away from my computer, which I had just started up. I looked over, and on the screen in the lower right hand corner (I would say about 2/5 of the vertical screen size) was a banner that had in large letters "The web is dark and full of terrors". It was a transparent...
  11. J

    Employee Monitoring Software: your advice, please.

    Here's what I'm asking: there're about 200 employees to monitor their computer usage activity while working hours. Obligatory features: - social networking (how much time employees spend in Facebook, Twitter other social networks) - time spent in every application I need your experience...
  12. Ragnarous

    Need help about a virus?

    Hi, I wanted to go to but i accidentally typed and google chrome blocked my entrance saying this website contains malwares and stuff.. I closed the tab and all but i'm not sure if any virus actually got in my computer, but as i was playing cs:go the game froze for...
  13. HR_Luka

    Computer Immunization in MBR (Master Boot Record)

    Hello, recently I've heard there is a way to "immunize" my PC from Boot-Up viruses. I've been looking for it all over the Internet but couldn't find anything. Any link to this application/routine is helpful or you can post how to do it. Thank you! Regards, Luka
  14. T

    dell system security password

    Dell system password
  15. J

    Am I infected with System Doctor 2014 virus?

    Hey Guys, 2014 is still to come but some virus named System Doctor 2014 is already on the roll. I guess I m hit with it. My PC appears to have come down with something nasty. It has hijacked “Microsoft Security Essentials” and claims that the Trojan was on the computer and I need to download...
  16. T

    How to encode-decode URL!!

    This is the excample of how to encode-decode URL,through this code you can encode-decode a URL public class UrlEncoderDecoder { public UrlEncoderDecoder() { // // TODO: Add constructor logic here // } public static string TamperProofStringEncode(string...