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Feb 28, 2016

Ransomware. Phishing attacks. Malware. These days, cyberthreats are everywhere :fou: Companies big and small are taken down all the time. Even us, the authority in tech, have to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of these constant attacks. It's not uncommon to be blasted by DDOS attackers and mass spamming scum. With vigilance and a crackpot cybersecurity team, we manage to keep the community safe and secure, but the tools and methods of our attackers are constantly changing.

How does one remain cybersecure in such rapidly evolving environment?

What are your common sense methods for maintaining cybersecurity in the home? In the office? Sound off in bellow!
Stay away from shady or questionable sites and don't participate in downloading pirated software and games. Those downloads often contain addons that won't play nice with your PC.

Common Sense Internet Security is the Best Option for protection.
Jan 29, 2019
CyberSecurity Did 2 Billion Dollar Business Last Year :pt1cable:

Companies spend more and more every year and unfortunately the breaches keep happening and so we expect right now that this to be a very fruitful career for a long time and we're seeing in CyberSecurity business we have a 2 billion dollar business today growing double digits.

Cybersecurity Business

Every industries in a little bit different place I mean we've been seeing the same news about the you know the fight in the retail wages you know what Amazon did it right that's going to do and I think I think yeah there's a lot of uncertainty right now you see an incremental increase just student a trade war and that but I'd say that you know every industries different we're are seeing though is still a very continued big focus on digital transformation great company saying there's a lot going on in the market there's been a lot of destruction and we've got to find ways to cut costs in order invest to become a digital CyberSecurity business.

But what's your what's your got on the economy meaning as as you're having conversations with exact this has something turned within Jim Cramer was on the air last week said had a handful conversations off the record with CEO is on the phone in fact we said you don't understand it's much worse out there than anybody appreciate where do you stand on that.

I think there's a gray area you're hearing a lot of different news we've been you know you know frankly when hearing we hear ball stories get the next guest who says wait I'm hearing lots of stuff so I think it is too soon to tell but what companies today have to do is really plan for what could happen great while there were saying focused on their business.