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  1. S

    Solved! Accidentally clicked on suspicious link

    A couple of days ago, someone I followed on tumblr’s account was hacked. Like a idiot I clicked on a link in a post in private mode (I used Firefox) that sent me to a website called I quickly closed the page and then changed my tumblr password, deleted my history, deleted some cookies...
  2. L

    Solved! Re: Phishing e-mail

    I clicked on a phishing e-mail link on my MAC. However, I am not certain if I have a problem, as when I clicked on the link instead of taking me to their site it just opened a new search tab on my browser entitled - In light of this does anyone know if I have malware etc?
  3. R

    I clicked a phishing link but the page was down

    I was checking my old email and i clicked mail from 2016, i stupidly clicked on the suspicious link and the page where it took me was down, do i need to be scared? Thanks
  4. A

    Phishing group gained remote access to my mother's PC

    Hi Guys, Yesterday my mum called me with the word's "I <mod edit> up, please help me". She explained the situation to me then: Apparently she had gotten a pop-up in chrome, that locked her on that page stating "Your windows has been locked". In the pressure and adrenaline they put her under, she...
  5. Lutfij

    How To Keep Your Data Secure On Windows Laptop

    Although developers of OSes advertise that their latest offering is technologically advanced and the most secure OS that has ever graced the market, there’s no telling what people on the other end of your system are capable of doing. Give them enough time and they can find an intrusion point...
  6. icynicalb

    Discord's website detected as phishing link by Bitdefender.

    When I go on Discord's own website, my Bitdefender antivirus warns me about a phishing virus. Is it a false positive?
  7. icynicalb

    Hovered over phishing link

    Hello, I hovered over a phishing link on Twitter using Google Chrome and I was wondering if I could get a virus from it? I only hovered over it and didn't click. I ran Malwarebytes and Bitdefender and there was no virus or malware found. Is there still a possibility I could be infected?
  8. jsimenhoff

    Common Sense Tips for Cybersecurity

    Ransomware. Phishing attacks. Malware. These days, cyberthreats are everywhere :fou: Companies big and small are taken down all the time. Even us, the authority in tech, have to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of these constant attacks. It's not uncommon to be blasted by DDOS attackers and...
  9. P

    What can I do to deal with the phishing, scam, etc e-mails I am receiving?

    Hi, lately I've been receiving a lot of phishing, scam, etc e-mails, things like "buy viagra", "Magda just sent you $3,543.00 USD with Paypal", "Local girls" and things like that. I receive about 5 e-mails like these everyday, sometimes more, I've been getting rid of them by selecting them as...
  10. Paul Wagenseil

    Gizmodo Is Wrong: You Do Need Antivirus Software

    Gizmodo says that you don't need antivirus software. Not true! Here's why you do, and how you don't have to spend money for it. Gizmodo Is Wrong: You Do Need Antivirus Software : Read more
  11. G

    Clicked phishing email?

    I got an email from paypal about spending $190 which coincided with when I bought something cheap this morning. In a momentary lapse of judgement I clicked the link to view my history before realizing what I had done, and closing it about half a second later before it could fully open. I...
  12. H

    CyberTracking ? ? ?

    How common are sites to use tracking pixels and/or clear gif's to obtain information about their users?
  13. jblove

    Need advice: Secure transaction

    Hi there, I’m going to start a travel agency in mid-February. I’m here to clear some doubts related to network security. We purchased few computers and the internet connection is also live. When I searched online about the network security, found a blog...
  14. gussrtk

    Account phishing attempt should i be worried?

    I know this is not the right section, but i also don't see where to post it. sorry. So i've got an e-mail, from paypal, saying that there has been a charge made to my account. It all looked fairly legit.... Then at the bottom there was a link to click, IF YOU DID NOT MAKE THIS PURCHASE PLEASE...
  15. Stanley112

    How to protect from phishing and skimming.

    Hi, I run a pawn shop with my friends. We search every online flea markets to collect items. Last night, I was browsing through tips to strengthen the firewall settings, when I came across this blog. ( It talks...
  16. H

    How do targeted phishing emails work?

    I'm wondering, how do the scammers who send phishing emails know to make the subjects related to things and places you visit? Relevant info: -I have TimeWarnerCable Internet at home. All devices that use that internet have stuff like AdBlock, DoNotTrack, don't share location, etc. No one here...
  17. V

    Legit PayPal site or phishing

    Hello there, I want to buy something from a site I don't trust entirely (because I never have bought anyhting from them): http:// When I chose to buy something, it sends me to a paypal payment site (the one where you enter your account data). The security certificate looks like this...
  18. F

    Accidently entered my username and password into a phishing site. Should I be worried?

    Long story short, I play video games and a certain game that I play I accidently entered it into a site that was very similar in terms of logging in (looked exactly the same). I noticed that my password was changed, however I recovered my account via email and changed the password as well as...
  19. O

    Phishing/Virus Help (.SCR)

    Hey all, I was just looking on the web and accidentally clicked a link, that proceeded to download a file. I'm pretty sure I managed to cancel it before it downloaded completely. I DID NOT open the file. I then right clicked and then click 'Shred with AVG'. The Icon for the file was a picture...
  20. D

    how to unlock my Facebook account if it is temporarily locked because of phishing

    My Facebook account is temporarily locked because of phishing what to do if hourly limit exceeded
  21. Z

    Browser Problems ???

    I have a problem on my computer browsers. I installed some software and an option came up to install partner products and change default homepage but I declined ALL offers and still they get installed. I uninstall them ALL but my default home page is changed in all browsers without my consent to...
  22. M

    Google Phishing Scam?

    This to me appears like a phishing scam of some sort I received through an e-mail. I clicked a link that says someone has shared a document through "Doc Share" This is the page of the e-mail link.
  23. A

    Best protection for a PC for nowadays ?

    Currently using Avast. Thinking to switch to a better protection by seeing all the hacking and phishing thats going on . So, any suggestions ?
  24. G

    Heartbleed Used by Identity Thieves in Phishing Scam

    Scammers are using fear of the Heartbleed Internet-security flaw to try to con people out of their own identities. Heartbleed Used by Identity Thieves in Phishing Scam : Read more
  25. G

    What Is Phishing and How Can I Fight It?

    Ever received an email that took you to a website that asked for a lot of personal information? You may have encountered a phishing scam. What Is Phishing and How Can I Fight It? : Read more
  26. G

    What is an Advanced Persistent Threat?

    In an advanced persistent threat, a malicious attacker gets past network security to steal data and stays there undetected on a long-term basis. What is an Advanced Persistent Threat? : Read more
  27. p_Bassman

    Something wrong with my email account.

    ok i was just checking my emails, and i keep getting something from, it is kind of scary, what should i do?:(
  28. G

    Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Others Join Forces to Fight Phishing

    DMARC, short for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Compliance, is a new approach to help fight email phishing attacks. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Others Join Forces to Fight Phishing : Read more
  29. G

    How To: Share Your Vacation Online, Tastefully

    Everyone is guilty of the occasional Facebook faux pas, from the overly boastful status update to the accidental posting of phishing scams on friends’ walls. Photographic flops are by far most common offenders, with social media-philes filling their p How To: Share Your Vacation Online...
  30. JMcEntegart

    Credit Card Phishing Site Found on Sony Servers

    Uh oh ... Credit Card Phishing Site Found on Sony Servers : Read more
  31. exfileme

    Microsoft Warns of Xbox Live Phishing Scam

    In the wake of Sony's PSN security disaster, Microsoft has issued a phishing warning to Xbox Live subscribers. Microsoft Warns of Xbox Live Phishing Scam : Read more
  32. exfileme

    Social Network Gamers Prime Targets for Spam

    Social network-based gamers accepting friends on the fly are increasing the amount of spam and phishing attempts. Social Network Gamers Prime Targets for Spam : Read more
  33. exfileme

    Phishing Attack Launched from Android Market

    Malware was discovered on Google's Android marketplace. Phishing Attack Launched from Android Market : Read more
  34. exfileme

    Facebook: Two Phishes in One Day

    Facebook suffered two separate phishing attacks in one day. Facebook: Two Phishes in One Day : Read more
  35. exfileme

    Hackers Assault Facebook with Devious Phishes

    On Thursday, the popular social networking website Facebook was the subject of a phishing assault after hackers successfully compromised several accounts. Hackers Assault Facebook with Devious Phishes : Read more
  36. G

    Twitter Hack Jabs Celebrities

    Over the weekend, the popular micro-blogging tool, Twitter, was hit with a series of phishing scams. Celebrity users were among the affected and had their accounts compromised. Twitter Hack Jabs Celebrities : Read more
  37. G

    McAfee Raises Trojan Alert For The First Time Since 2005

    Santa Clara (CA) - After almost three years of most Internet dangers coming from phishing e-mails, misleading "You've won" websites and fake anti-spam/anti-spyware tools, a new trojan has appeared and has caused almost half a million infections. McAfee Raises Trojan Alert For The First Time...