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  1. D

    Protection AND Malware - which provider?

    I have Norton but just found out I had over 1,000 malware files on my laptop. So what are the best (1) protection and (2) malware detection and removal sources? Not being very computer literate it's all chinese shorthand to me so very simple instructions please! lol
  2. G

    IDrive Personal Cloud Backup Review: Best Overall

    IDrive is best for anyone who has multiple machines to back up. Just keep an eye on the 2TB or 5TB storage limit. IDrive Personal Cloud Backup Review: Best Overall : Read more
  3. G

    Recently removed SupportScam trojan

    Since I had a Trojan removed using Microsoft Security Essentials my computer seems to boot up with a black screen and slower than before. It also is slow to come out of sleep if I leave computer for a bit and has the black screen also. Could this be the result of removing the Trojan or is the...
  4. X

    Solved! What is the best antivirus for my REALLY SLOW laptop?

    I've been looking for a antivirus that's really lightweight and offers good protection. I'm currently using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes (only when I really need it). I've seen that many sites say that Avast is the most lightweight on RAM usage, but I didn't find any reliable...
  5. G

    Credit Sesame Platinum Review: You Can Do Better

    Credit Sesame's identity protection is competent and moderately priced, but the website is full of ads and human help can be hard to find. Credit Sesame Platinum Review: You Can Do Better : Read more
  6. G

    ID Watchdog Platinum (2018): The Basics, Plus Security

    ID Watchdog Platinum offers the basics of identity protection, but you'll get more features from other services. ID Watchdog Platinum (2018): The Basics, Plus Security : Read more
  7. G

    Enpass Password Manager: Just the Basics

    Enpass does password-manager basics right, and costs at most $20. Enpass Password Manager: Just the Basics : Read more
  8. jsimenhoff

    Common Sense Tips for Cybersecurity

    Ransomware. Phishing attacks. Malware. These days, cyberthreats are everywhere :fou: Companies big and small are taken down all the time. Even us, the authority in tech, have to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of these constant attacks. It's not uncommon to be blasted by DDOS attackers and...
  9. G

    Honeywell Lyric C1 Review: Half-Baked Security Camera

    Honeywell’s Lyric C1 security camera is inexpensive, but its image and video quality are merely adequate, and the audio is poor, even for this price. Honeywell Lyric C1 Review: Half-Baked Security Camera : Read more
  10. G

    Opera VPN Review: Free, But Constrained

    Opera VPN's free mobile apps are well worth using, but the free desktop client is limited to the Opera web browser. Opera VPN Review: Free, But Constrained : Read more
  11. P

    Solved! Clicked on a website.. popup came through? Virus?

    I clicked on a link I clearly shouldn't have and a popup immediately came up saying something alone the lines of having a trojan and needing to call my ISP immediately. I closed Chrome and am currently running a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials, but I hear MSE is really bad. #1...
  12. G

    Solved! Can I simply delete a trojan that hasn't been executed?

    Hi Folks, I downloaded a backup of one of my web sites recently. Microsoft Security Essentials has detected a Trojan in some zipped files in that backup. Here's a path in the MSE log: containerfile: :\My Downloads\Web_site_duplicated\20150405_* file...
  13. P

    Is microsoft security essentials still good 2016 -> 2017?

    I'm figuring I'll use windows firewall so I don't have to add a bunch of 3rd party software to my comp. I hear it's actually pretty decent. If I installed MSE would I be adequately covered? I have windows 7. I mostly only game but I plan on streaming soon when I get better internet. Will I...
  14. watrhous

    Community Opinion on Free security considerations

    I am seeking community opinion on what is a good free security program. I have run Microsoft Security Essentials for years with no issues. I preferred it to AVG, Avast and the rest of the free ones since it seems to be the least resource hog. I just recently discovered ad blockers for my...
  15. A

    Getting my computer safe

    Hello community. I've been looking for a Antivirus or Security program for quite a while now. I currently have this:Microsoft Security Essentials. I'm afraid it's not that good but I don't know that either. Should I keep this one or can I get better? Also I know that perhaps it would be better...
  16. M

    bitdefender stopps working

    So I'm at net10 doing my thing adding airtime. I click bottom right corner triangle to see bitdefender no running think oh no my antivirus is not running. I click open bitdefender and bitdefender has stopped working. So I also try ccleaner and it doesn't respond either!! I uninstall...
  17. Ransome

    Best Low Performance Cost AV Software for Hardcore GAMING

    And is it safe to just use Windows 10's Windows Defender? Or Windows Defender + Malwarebytes scanner? I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials on my Windows 7 for MANY years, moved to Windows Defender on Windows 8 and 8.1. Now that I have Windows 10 on both pcs, I use Windows Defender...
  18. 7

    Back with Windows for the first time in a long time, whats the situation with Anti-Viruses?

    Hi guys! As you can see by the title I am back to Windows after taking a little break and going over to OS X. I still do use OS X a lot for my developing and work and etc but I also built this PC for gaming and stuff. What is the best anti-virus at the moment? I think before I just used...
  19. N

    antispyware malware hijackers

    hi is microsoft security essentials and bit defender the same thing? and can i have microsoft security essentials and avast running or do they conflict? thanks nick
  20. nick_53

    Bitdefender or Panda

    Some elderly people need an easy to use AV that won't cause slowdown. Bitdefender Free, Panda Free, 360 Total Security Essentials. I personally use BD Free, but I told them I would come to the experts. Couldn't find any so you'll have to do. (Joke) ;)
  21. M

    Security Essentials unusual problem

    Hello! Recently (just last 24 hours) I started to have this unusual problem with Security Essentials. Firstly, i paid attention that before booting to welcome screen Windows wants to run checkdisk but fails due to an unspecified error. Secondly my Security Essentials is turned off - I can't...
  22. J

    Is free AVG good?

    I've been using free AVG on my old rig for a few reasons. 1. It is free 2. Norton always bogged down my system real bad. 3. McAfee always let viruses through (System scans would find them). 4. Never tried Microsoft Security Essentials (Always hesitant to change from something I've never had...
  23. A

    Windows Dedender Error

    I have tried scanning my PC many times and still cant solve whats wrong with my windows defender program. If i try starting it i get an error " An error has occured in the program during initilization. If this problem continues, please contact your system administrator. Error code: 0x80073b01"...
  24. K

    Best antivurs program for Windows 8.1?

    Which is best antivirus for windows 8.1? Microsoft Security essentials or Windows Defender?
  25. C

    Amazon redirecting me to login/credit card page right away

    Hey all so I noticed the other day that when I went to Amazon it was immediately asking for me to log in. Then it was asking for my address and credit card info. I thought this was strange so I didn't proceed. I then tried to open it in Firefox and IE (Chrome is my main browser). The same thing...
  26. B

    Is my PC protected enough? What AV software combo do you use?

    I just built my first PC, installed Windows 7 and was just curious what protection should I have installed on my machine? What is the best Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti Spyware combo? I'm currently using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium & Microsoft Security Essentials. I'd like good protection...
  27. T

    Any way to undo damage from KeyHolder Ransomware?

    I got a Trojan or something because Microsoft Security Essentials was sounding alarm bells and a scan with Anti-Malware was bringing up stuff too. After some guaranteeing and rebooting I thought I had gotten rid of the problem. But later when I started Firefox all my addons were missing, which...
  28. P

    Detected Gamarue.F virus

    Microsoft Security Essentials could not delete this virus. What should I do?
  29. G

    Is Windows Defender & Windows Firewall enough???

    Greetings! I'm on Windows 8.1 and surf using Firefox with Adblock Plus, I NEVER click on random links, nor do i visit untrusted websites. Would Windows defender/firewall be enough protection for someone like me?
  30. A

    Microsoft Security Essentials won't update

    I'm running a 64bit version of Windows 7 on a computer that's a few years old. I recently installed malwarebytes, and found a few trojans and a good bit of adware. Aside from that, my computer is very clean. I quarantined the viruses, but just now my computer has been acting absurdly laggy...
  31. Q

    Can't close chrome.exe

    So today I noticed my SLI wasn't enabled, but when I went to enable it, it told me I needed to close Chrome.exe. My task manager says no instance of chrome is running, and I can't uninstall chrome because it says it is running. I ran a scan with Microsoft Security Essentials and it said it...
  32. C

    Scan file with...

    How do i change which antivirus is used to scan a file when you right click? It said scan with microsoft security essentials, i no longer needed security essentials so i uninstalled it, now there is no option to scan a file what so ever. I'm using Malwarebytes and emsisoft.
  33. A

    Baidu Antivirus installation

    Hello. I've just installed Baidu Antivirus but it didn't automatically disable my installed antivirus which is Microsoft Security Essentials. So my question is should I be Disabling SE or no, both of them can get along together just fine? Thanks.
  34. S

    Alureon.J stays for the past 2 weeks

    Hi there, I have both Microsoft Security essentials and McAffee Antivirus for the past couple of years with no issues. Couple of weeks ago Security essentials started finding Alureon.J and keeps quarantining it at login and atleast once in an hour. Now for the past 1 week, it detects it every...
  35. C

    Infected Toshiba Laptop

    I have a Toshiba Satellite PSLE8U-02P01D running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. It is running slow, and when I try to install Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG it will not let me. I already have Avast, Malwarebytes installed, but when I try to scan with Avast in Safe Mode after about 10-15...
  36. M

    why cat i install avast antivirus frre edition on to my acer aspire laptop, i keep getting the nessage does not support 64bit

    when i try to download avast free antivirus or microsoft security essentials i get a message telling me 64bit is not able to install any idea;s as to why
  37. zemiak

    Best Antivirus for gaming

    Hey guys, Just built a new system and I want to get the best Antivirus for gaming that won't interfere too much. I was almost set on getting BitDefender but I still want to get some more opinions. Should I just get Microsoft Security Essentials? Is Bitdefender a good choice? Any reason I...
  38. L

    Is there any point in antivirus?

    My Avira antivirus has picked up nothing ever and neither did microsoft security essentials when i used to use that, which should mean there's nothing getting through as 'real-time protection' is on. However when i ran malwarebytes just now it found 10 malicious objects which my antivirus scan...
  39. J

    Ads randomly open in Chrome for no reason

    These ads for phishing websites keep opening up in chrome whenever My computer is on but idle. Microsoft Security Essentials and Sophos can't find any virus' and Extension Defender for Chrome can't find anything either. Im not sure what it is. I dont think its another internet tab opening things...
  40. C

    does microsoft security essentials have a firewll

    hello im using a win 7 home basic sp1 and i was wondering if windows security essentials provide internet security any article regarding what it provides would be great
  41. G

    Rogue Mobile Ads Threaten U.S. Smartphone Users

    Mobile cybercriminals are turning to 'legally gray' methods of getting money by using hidden adware and chargeware, according to a new report from Lookout. Rogue Mobile Ads Threaten U.S. Smartphone Users : Read more
  42. G

    good free antivirus

    I'm looking for an antivirus that's free without using a torrent. I was using Microsoft security essentials, but I kept getting an error with the OOBE file in my event viewer. I believe that was causing my pc to crash. I'm still not sure. A solution on microsoft's website said to delete the file...
  43. G

    Over a Third of iOS, Android Apps Snoop on Your Location

    A huge number of iOS and Android apps can track and record your location, according to a Bitdefender report. Over a Third of iOS, Android Apps Snoop on Your Location : Read more
  44. G

    Microsoft Grants XP Anti-Virus Software a Reprieve

    Microsoft flip-flops on last week's decision, decides to extend Windows XP version of Microsoft Security Essentials until July 2015. Microsoft Grants XP Anti-Virus Software a Reprieve : Read more
  45. C

    How do you maintain your PC?

    I'm just curious what programs you folks use to clean and maintain your PC. Also, how often do you run/perform these tasks? It's probably my OCD but I like to do my maintenance once a week. Whether that's overkill or what I've never actually researched but so far for me it works. "Once a week"...
  46. H

    Weird blank popup

    In short, what on earth is this and how do I get rid of it? Tdsskiller, malwarebytes and Microsoft security essentials haven't found anything malicious, and I dont know where this is from.
  47. M

    NEED HELP REMOVING Win32/OpenCandy Virus

    so i started getting a pop up window, it started to slow down my PC so i ran Microsoft Security Essentials(full scan) and it found 2 Trojans & 2 adwear , it said it removed it so i went back to surfing the net and the pop up was still there, so i ran Microsoft Security Essentials(full scan)...
  48. D

    Anti-virus review contradictions - who do you believe?

    Do you like Microsoft Security Essentials? Opinion seems divided. A recent Which consumer report in the UK gave a big thumbs up. However, other places urge us to avoid it.,20524.html...
  49. skylanepilot

    MSE and Forefront are "allowing" Angryscan.a - cannot remove

    I recently discovered that Microsoft Forefront and MSE are allowing "Angryscan.a" While Forefront, MSE, Malwarebytes, Combofix, CCleaner see nothing, I'm concerned as to why Microsoft's antivirus is allowing this (even though it appears it is not on my laptop) when I never made the entry. I...
  50. A

    MSE Keeps returning

    New build, Windows 7 Home Premium. I installed Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Then decided I didn't want it so I did a uninstall from add programs. Kept getting an error referencing it then a Kernal 41 crash. Found and deleted the folder it was in Program data .... computer ran fine...
  51. rookiegirl

    Microsoft Security Essentials won't open

    Hey! Quick problem; I feel like I'm missing something... My husband's Norton scrip is up, so we decided to go with Microsoft Security Essentials since that's what I have and love. We uninstalled Norton using programs/uninstall AND the Norton uninstall tool from their site. I've looked to make...
  52. B

    Microsoft Security Essentials Loses AV-Test Certificate

    Every two months, AV-Test takes a look at popular antivirus software and security suites and tests them in several ways. In their latest test which was performed on Windows 7 during September and October, Microsoft Security Essentials didn't pass the test to achieve certification. Although that...
  53. N

    AV cant find viruses

    I'm getting very high CPU usage on my pc (spikes from 40% to80-90% constantly) and I usually have no background processes so I was told that it is a virus. I tried malwarebytes and MS security essentials, and neither of them found a virus. Idk if this should be on CPU forum or this anti-virus...
  54. R


    Do I need to uninstall the several malware programs on my computer before I install a software firewall? I also have microsoft security essentials running.
  55. Q

    Protection question

    Do I need to run Microsoft security essentials, malawarebytes, and spyware at the same time? Or is security essentials enough? Thanks in advance.
  56. P

    Malwarebytes will not delete trojan from quarantine

    I recently went to a fake youtube site by accident and got a trojan named Trojan.Tracur which has a file name of arg133726.exe Microsoft Security essentials notified in about 10 sec that it had detected a threat and it asked me to clean my computer. It delted the trojan and all seemed to be...
  57. F

    Unusual Virus Problem [Microsoft Security Essentials] *continued

    Sorry for posting again but the thread was automatically closed 0.o Original Post is here: I was suggested to use MalwareBytes and ComboFix. My questions are : 1. what is 'safe mode with...
  58. F

    Unusual Virus Problem [Microsoft Security Essentials]

    Today Microsoft Security Essentials detected a threat on my PC. I clicked on 'Clean Computer' option and it said that the computer is cleaned and I will have to restart the PC. Later it showed the status of the PC as protected. When I checked the history , It was as follows...
  59. 44surf


    Microsoft Security Security essentials indicated that my desktop was infected with worm:win32/gamarue.B. It said it was removed, but the task manager showed it as running. I ended the task and I am running a full system virus scan. It seems that the worm first infected the computer on 12/5...
  60. A

    Samsung kies.exe using too much memory

    Hello, Samsung Kies (v2.0.3.11082_152) is using 185872K of memory (WinXP machine with 2GB RAM). I have excluded Kies.exe from Microsoft Security Essentials scan process, but still facing this memory squeeze! Advice please.