Is microsoft security essentials still good 2016 -> 2017?

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Jun 24, 2012
I'm figuring I'll use windows firewall so I don't have to add a bunch of 3rd party software to my comp. I hear it's actually pretty decent. If I installed MSE would I be adequately covered? I have windows 7.

I mostly only game but I plan on streaming soon when I get better internet. Will I be safe enough?
MSE has NEVER been good. It has always been reviewed and failed all the testing. NEVER rely on MSE.

Secondly Windows 7/8 are no longer supported. Many games and other services will NOT be working or coded for W7/8 based systems. You still have the opportunity to update FREE to W10 while you can or else you will have to buy it to play games and use services.

What do I men by services? Well many security systems they implement for websites (like streaming sites) require you to have some things on your computer, those are ONLY available on the latest edition of Windows (not being released for NON-supported Windows editions).

PCs are NOT gaming consoles, they are like cars, which means ALOT... I MEAN ALOT.. of maintenance is needed on them to keep them going, and two key elements if proven working Antivirus and Malware. Even "just gaming" doesn't matter, because any WEBSITE (aka a forum, etc.) can be infected and 'push' the code when you access the website infecting your system. Never mind if you share a USB drive or access your email ever.

The best FREE ones I seen are Avira, AVG, Panda for Antivirus, and Malwarebytes (you have to run the scan manually I suggest monthly) all easily downloaded from .


Aug 13, 2015
Everyone says that MSE is not good. I have to agree with them. However with the advent of win 10, the security package with win 10 works very well, blocking sites that previously I was allowed into, and working with other security programs such as Malware Bytes. Also win 10 is a lot more selective about what programs it will keep on a system if there is a reset. Look for most of the adware programs out there to be uninstalled.

A security guard at the front gates of the CDC is good at keeping the average person from just casually walking in, but that CDC security guard is NOT a Dr. that is trying to cure Black Death, or this case the next ILOVEYOU virus. These are two different things your trying inaccurately to say are the same thing They are not. Further the CDC Dr. can't help stop SPAM emails, nor Junk Mail in your mailbox, nor the harassing SPAM phonecalls trying to convince you to buy into their services; but that is what Malware does try to do to you and ANTI-Malware (such as Malwarebytes) is good at, but again won't cure the next ILOVEYOU virus.

As said you need TWO solutions, a active antiviral, and a passive / or active (pay for) antimalware solution. Each does it's own job, and Microsoft is NOT providing any reliable solutions.


Apr 29, 2011

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