Malwarebytes will not delete trojan from quarantine


Aug 12, 2011
I recently went to a fake youtube site by accident and got a trojan named Trojan.Tracur which has a file name of arg133726.exe

Microsoft Security essentials notified in about 10 sec that it had detected a threat and it asked me to clean my computer. It delted the trojan and all seemed to be fine. However, I went into safe mode to do more scans with malwarebytes and microsoft security essentials and they didn't seem to find anything, atleast seemed to because half way during both scans I saw a boot command line with a blinking underscore then my pc turned off. Anyway, because of this eerie shutdown problem in safemode (I moved the mouse every minute or so incase it was a sleep mode issue) I restarted and went to regular windows. when it was in the vista's green bar loadign screen I switched off my network adapter and it took a long time for windows to leave the green loading part. it went to a blue screen of death and I had to reboot and go to system repair, where it found one of my boot files to been corrupt and it fixed it. I reboot, everything seems fine and then while I am updating mse because it was outdated malwarebytes detected Trojan.Tracur trying to execute and it blocked it fro mexecuting and I selected to quarantine the Trojan Horse.

EDIT: it seems after some while I checked in the history of mse and the history of the same trojan appeared and it showed as removed. I suppose the trojan evaded the quarantine and deletion or if system repair used a restore point could be the cause for the re-appearance

The problem is, when I try to click ''delete'' or ''delete all'' in the quarantine menu, it does absolutely nothing on malwarebytes.

Please do not send any links to the tomshardware thread about removing malware with the simple steps, this needs more than that.

Also, it is a full version of malwarebytes


Sep 8, 2006
go to, download housecall, best program for removing Spyware/Malware from your system, free, and if you still see an issue, once you get windows started, in the search command of windows type msconfig, go to start up tab, uncheck the file if listed and everything else except Antivirus (don't really need everything else booting), save and reboot, first off notice how much faster your system runs, then run scan again (housecall will download a launcher, put on desktop). you should now notice trojan gone, system faster, and voila.....
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