MSE and Forefront are "allowing" Angryscan.a - cannot remove


Apr 9, 2013
I recently discovered that Microsoft Forefront and MSE are allowing "Angryscan.a"

While Forefront, MSE, Malwarebytes, Combofix, CCleaner see nothing, I'm concerned as to why Microsoft's antivirus is allowing this (even though it appears it is not on my laptop) when I never made the entry. I also cannot "unallow" it since I can't check the box.

Does anyone know a remedy for this or how to force this allowed item out of MSE?

Forefront was on there first. I removed that and added MSE. MSE immediately has it in allowed items. I'd hate to have to reimage or ditch these for something like another free antivirus program all for this one thing that appears to be no serious issue now. I'm just afraid if I encounter the actual problem, that my antivirus will allow it and not warn me.

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