How do you maintain your PC?


Oct 12, 2013
I'm just curious what programs you folks use to clean and maintain your PC. Also, how often do you run/perform these tasks? It's probably my OCD but I like to do my maintenance once a week. Whether that's overkill or what I've never actually researched but so far for me it works. "Once a week" maintenance for me would entail a full system virus scan using FREE Microsoft Security Essentials (I think this is the best free Anti-Virus out there), a full system scan using FREE Malware Bytes, a full system scan using FREE Super Anti Spyware(this detects hundreds of infected tracking cookies that MB never detects), a full disk cleanup, a registry clean using Eusing's FREE Registry cleaner, and lastly I'll run CCleaner, a free version as well I believe. I analyze the defrag and only defrag when it's 10%. It usually takes a long time for it to hit that percentage.

So I ask a few things; obviously what do you use and how often do you do it is first off. Secondly, is there anything I don't use that I should be. Thirdly, do I have a good system going? And forth, is there anything out there that will get rid of pesky stuff that doesn't want to leave your add/remove programs list and start menu lists despite them being deleted from your system?



Dec 1, 2013
I personally don't run any programs to maintain my system, I just stay away from risky downloads and stick with McAfee Security to keep me from corrupting my HDD. I do however clean the inside of my PC every so often with compressed air. That's pretty much it though. Hope this helps!


I'm with Sevenater. I have Avast running for real time protection but mostly I just try to stay away from risky stuff.

As for physically cleaning it, about once a month or so, I give it a good going through including removing the radiator to clean the fins.