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    On demand secondary Antivirus

    I'm planning on using one Microsoft Security Essentials for my primary Antivirus suite, so I've got that out of the way. But does anyone else us a secondary, on-demand Antivirus? Nothing that runs in the background, just something you can open and run a sweep on if you suspect your primary isn't...
  2. G

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 vs. Microsoft Security Essentials

    Been using KIS for three years now. Almost never have a virus detected (I stick to mostly known websites/software, etc). Wondering if I should not renew my license and go with the freebie MS Security Essentials. Heard good things about the MS product. I usually buy the 3-pc KIS product for...
  3. Ubrales

    Two anti-virus programs - diff stats.

    On my Optiplex 745, I have Kaspersky Internet Security as well as Microsoft Security Essentials. Both are current, and I use both for regular scans. Works without a hitch. I ran them last night and here are the stats: Kaspersky --- Scanned Objects 354,000 - no problems found. MS...
  4. Y

    Should I remove Ad-Aware?

    OS: 7 Home Premium 64-bit I've used Avira and Ad-Aware (currently 8.3.5). But today I uninstalled Avira because new version appeared. After uninstalling, I decided, instead of installing a new version of Avira, to install Microsoft Security Essentials. My question is: does it make sense to have...
  5. reaper2794

    Low-resource, high-protection... what do YOU suggest?

    Alright guys. I want you to tell me straight up what YOU think the best security tool is. It does not have to be free, it can be any price. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and it works great, I also have avast! along with that Now I hear Kaspersky and Bit Defender are the best, but I don't...
  6. buwish

    Beware Fake Microsoft Security Essentials

    Another piece of malware to keep an eye out for. From PCWorld:
  7. ahthurungnone

    How do I uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials?

    I ran Revo to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials, but it does not show as a program to uninstall. How do I uninstall it?
  8. exfileme

    Microsoft Releases New Security Essentials Beta

    Microsoft has introduced the next version of Microsoft Security Essentials in a new beta. Microsoft Releases New Security Essentials Beta : Read more
  9. Dark Lord of Tech

    Some great FREE apps. for tom's hardware forum users Avira free antivirus Avast free antivirus Microft security essentials free antivirus Malwarebytes free spyware malware remover...
  10. ckaz

    Some Questions About Microsoft Security Essentials

    Hi all, For a while, I had been running Avira Anti-Virus (free) and SpyBot Search and Destroy (free) but I decided I wasn't to happy with S&D. I then heard that Microsoft's new MSE was good, up-to-date, light, easy to use, and good at doing what it was supposed to do; protect my computer. Now...