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  1. T

    Random programs opening on my computer

    When i'm on my computer at the corner of my eye i can see a program opening on my taskbar i was wondering what it was and i still dont know what it is but recently someone tried to log into my playstation account so i'm not sure if I've been keylogged or if i have a virus. i have 3 anti virus's...
  2. C

    Solved! Questions about downloading a zip file - virus/malware

    A friend is sending me a software zip file. Supposedly it's a clean copy. I am not sure how much I trust the person. How difficult is it to add in a tracker, spyware or malware to the file so that she reads all of what i'm doing. Obviously i'm a novice user. Is something like this difficult...
  3. D

    Strange folder appeared in storage drive [URGENT]

    To start, I run Win10 on a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD, and aside from four random internal HDDs (used for Virtual Machines and such), I have one 4TB Seagate HDD that I put all of my large files and such onto, to preserve space on my boot drive as it is only 256GB. When clicked on, the folders...
  4. S

    Malwarebyte in Windows 10 - Web Protection starting but will not stay on

    This is a new issue because Malwarebytes worked fine over the weekend. For some reason the Web Protection will not stay on. Everything else is on. It says it is starting and then turns off. How do you fix this? Paula
  5. I

    Laptop virus and cant delete HELP PLEASE

    Hi have a new laptop and downloaded something I now know I should't have and have a virus. I have a program in task manager called windows explorer or something and rc'd to trace it to some files on my C drive (I have windows 10 btw). I tried to delete it and it says I need permission from the...
  6. jsimenhoff

    Common Sense Tips for Cybersecurity

    Ransomware. Phishing attacks. Malware. These days, cyberthreats are everywhere :fou: Companies big and small are taken down all the time. Even us, the authority in tech, have to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of these constant attacks. It's not uncommon to be blasted by DDOS attackers and...
  7. J

    Malwarebytes update notice "Your software is out of date."

    Does it mean it's not working at all ? if I don't update ? Even with notifications off and no update notice option, I'm keep getting it. The reason why I don't want to update is because if updated, it seems like it's a 30 day trial version. I only want free version not trial or pay version...
  8. D

    Need Help With Parents Constantly Getting Viruses! (& Prevention)

    So my mom and dad share a laptop (I bought my mom a computer, but I can't give it to her until her birthday) and my mom is tech-savvy enough to avoid viruses and navigate throughout windows 10. My dad on the other hand could not be more opposite, he likes to watch youtube videos, but also in...
  9. T

    Attacked by Adware . Help

    Hello , my computer seems to have been attacked and started having some problems Here are a few *Computers pretty slow now.Used to be super fast gaming pc:pfff: *It sometimes redirects to searchqueryrouter *searching in a new tab doesnt work *apps dont launch *ads, random pages open up Spyhunter...
  10. G

    Ads still popping up after Malware/adware clean

    Title says it, stupid ads using internet explorer keep popping up on start-up. Even though I ran MBAM, super anti-spyware, sophos, AVG and Avast anti viruses, they all say my system is clean after getting rid of most of the malware. I checked the programs list and nothing abnormal shows aswell...
  11. mraroid

    Malwarerbytes vs Advanced System Care (why the big fight?)

    Hi folks... I have been running Malwarerbytes Perineum for several years now. I also use a free utility made by IoBit called "Advanced System Care". It seems that the two are having a fight. Malwarerbytes thinks it is bad and removes it. I have tried to option malwarerbytes so it will ignore...
  12. koolriz86

    Anti Spyware can't remove spyware on Dynamic Disk Storage/RAID/SCSI

    I'm using a portable version of spy hunter 4 software to combat spyware/malware. After scanning and detecting malware, a message pops up saying it can't can't remove spyware as my system utilizes Dynamic Disk Storage or RAID/SCSI based primary hard drive. How can get around this and remove the...
  13. C

    Chrome Tab Opens Randomly!

    Alright, so for the past 5-6 hours, I've been trying to figure this out, AND fix it. Yesterday, I was attempting to install a game crack from a Russian website, but I had to rush it due to me being busy and I accidentally clicked something I did not comprehend but could not check. After that, I...
  14. C

    I keep getting redirected to random website

    I got a new system a few weeks ago. i installed Windows 10 and Avast Free, and proceeded to use my computer as i always do, a few days later, i started getting redirected to random website when i use google or, so i just went and formatted and installed Windows 10 again, after a few days...
  15. V

    is my computer safe from viruses and keyloggers?

    so here is my situation i had a 128gb ssd with windows 10 3tb hard drive for storage 256gb ssd with league of legends on it i took out the the 128gb ssd with windowers 10 on it and put in my 256gb ssd in as a new windows drive and i put windows 10 on it again and i got it checked for viruses...
  16. tfitch11

    Looking for AV/Malware Protection after possibly being hacked/keylogged

    Hey Toms! Recently I had a lot of accounts randomly compromised, including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix + more. Per the message I received from Amazon, a list of emails + passwords was published somewhere, and I was one of those emails on it. I am in the horrible habit (which I'm trying to...
  17. G

    HELP! Suspicious malware?!

    Hi, today I updated my avira AV and after I updated it.. I did a scan with Hitman Pro 3.7.14 it detected these "suspicious threats" avipbb.sys avgntflt.sys I also reconnised that my PC is booting up slower than usual it has a black screen with a cursor and then after 10 seconds it boots to...
  18. J

    windows hacked maybe?

    (No Subject) Actions jev1968 jevbrowser 12:50 PM Flag this message To: jev1968 jevbrowser I have this crazy pc problem and I’m not sure how to solve it. Here are the symptoms that began about 2 weeks ago and occur about once or twice per day almost every day (there is no more...
  19. P

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped performing

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped downloading or running any of my games and most of my programs ever since a couple of days ago. I already tried analyzing my hard drive and defragging it. I ran a full-system virus and malware scan on it and it showed 0 infected files. It...
  20. J

    Combo AntiVirus Anti Spyware Firewall Encrypting

    Mates, i would like some recommendations! I wanted a Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Firewall combo recommendation if possible (2016)! And if possible, a recommendation for an encryption software for my files! It doesn't matter if it is free or not. Thank you very much!
  21. B

    Is avast secureline worth it?

    Hello, I have been using Avast AV free for a little while now, and I'm just wondering if this Avast Secureline that they keep advertising is worth it. What does it actually do? If it only blocks websites that track me on the web, I already use Privacy Badger for that, so I'm not sure if I...
  22. Ransome

    Best Low Performance Cost AV Software for Hardcore GAMING

    And is it safe to just use Windows 10's Windows Defender? Or Windows Defender + Malwarebytes scanner? I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials on my Windows 7 for MANY years, moved to Windows Defender on Windows 8 and 8.1. Now that I have Windows 10 on both pcs, I use Windows Defender...
  23. Z

    Multiple Protection run at the same time

    is it possible to run multiple protections in my pc? example windows defender (more likely a anti-spyware) avast premier malwarebytes anti-malware malwarebytes anti-exploit iobit malware fighter is it good? thanks in advance
  24. L

    What is conhost.exe and why does it keep showing up?

    Conhost.exe is showing up and closing for less than a second.And its annoying because it minimizes my game when i play.Could it be a virus? I ran an avira rescue system scan and it found 1 threat and it deleted it.Also i ran a kaspersky full scan there were no threads detected.What could this be...
  25. L

    Is it a virus ?

    Random cmd pops up and closes for less than a second.. When i play game like cs i alt+tabs the game.Could it be a virus? Please help.
  26. S

    Do AV REALLY Slow Down Your Computer?

    Does Kaspersky or Avira slow down the system at all? I was reading some reviews where people said that it drastically slowed their computer down to the point where they had to uninstall them. As well as one review who said he called Kaspersky customer support and they kept pushing him to buy...
  27. Varzoh

    Advanced SystemCare 8 vs Ccleaner?

    Any help would be appreciated thanks
  28. Mr Davo

    How unprotected am I at the moment?

    Hello All, At my work we have an old version of Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security installed. Whilst the maintenance agreement for this software expired in 2012 we have (legally) kept the Trend Micro Security Agent installed on workstations, as can be seen below. As can be seen above...
  29. D

    Good Anti-Virus for a gaming build?

    Need some suggestions on a good AV for this gaming build - Need it to be light on resources and effective at keeping my computer safe. Before hand, I used Kaspersky. While it was a good AV for my current computer, I need something just as good as well as less...
  30. A

    Cannot find adware anywhere on PC

    So I've had this AdsAlert on my PC for quite sometime. I removed the extension when I first noticed it, and all of the fake programs under control panel. But after that it didn't go away. I scanned with malware bytes, and it found some stuff to remove. Removed it, reset PC, still there. I...
  31. M

    Solved! Network Security. Is my network secure?

    We have no IT professional employed at my company, and I'd like a second opinion if our network is secure. I know it is not, but some at my company believe that it is. Our network has no server, configured like a star, and all the computers can see eachother over the network. Some of the...
  32. T

    Which website is Adwcleaner safe to download from?

    Title says it all, I want to use it as a second opinion adware scan
  33. B

    okay Google download the best antivirus anti-malware anti-spyware

    What is the best free antivirus antimalware?
  34. T

    Recommended antivirus software

    I'm about to finish putting together my first PC build and currently do not have antivirus software for it yet. Can I get some recommendations for what's best on Windows 7 for 2015 so far? I have McAfee on my older desktop, which tended to slow it down, but I'm thinking of getting something...
  35. A

    What is the difference between Antivirus, Antispyware, and Antimalware?

    Do I need all three? Or is just one fine?
  36. N

    Is there a best "combo" of Security App's?

    At times I see that there is a particular application which has high marks in most areas but weak in 1 or 2. Just as an example for my question. Can you install App#1 (has best of everything but Malware) and install App#2 (which is ok but has great malware protection) This way ALL areas of PC...
  37. B

    Is my PC protected enough? What AV software combo do you use?

    I just built my first PC, installed Windows 7 and was just curious what protection should I have installed on my machine? What is the best Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti Spyware combo? I'm currently using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium & Microsoft Security Essentials. I'd like good protection...
  38. V

    Help Me! To get rid of this Virus

    PLEASE help me guys??THERE IS A TROJAN IN MY COMPUTER..! WHICH IS DUPLICATES IN ALMOST ALL DRIVES AND FOLDERS..! IF I SCAN with AntiVirus it detects nothing..! i used Avast,McFee,Windows Defender..! plz..tell clean this mess..!
  39. DukiNuki

    AVAST Free average protection ?

    Hey Guys . I need to choose between Qihoo 360 IS and Avast Free . i need a good free security solution that is much better than MSE . Some Sites Like PCMag say that Avast Free 2015's security is just average . it didnt pass the VB100 Test . AV comparatives scored Qihoo 360 Much higher than...
  40. B

    Kaspersky PURE 3.0 vs BitDefender Total Security 2015 vs FREE Anti-Virus software/ internet security

    Trying to figure out which security software to get for my new gaming/business/work rig. I currently have been using Kaspersky. It's been great, although sometimes it detects something minor, but it recommends to "ignore" it, instead of completely erase. I think it just quarantines it, but...
  41. D

    Using Hitman Pro Kickstart

    So, I have a guy who wants me to remove some ransomware from his PC. Previously, I used Hitman Pro with Sidekick to remove the infection. What I didn't know at the time was, the removal ability only lasted 30 days. My question is, if I use Hitman through a flash drive, and use it to clean up...
  42. voxgm

    Looking for good protection

    Running windows 8.1 Pro and im using MSE with malwarebytes pro. I have superantispyware as an on demand. So im wondering if I could install like spywareblaster or hitman pro? or even emsisoft emergency kit? I don't want to over do it but then again I want to stay protected. I feel that...
  43. U

    Adware running through internet browsers and Steam

    I got some malware, not sure how yet, but it when it popped up it is youradexchance or adcash malware when I was browsing in chrome. I have encountered malware before so I knew to just run Malwarebytes and it usually solves the problem just like that. I managed to get it off Chrome and the...
  44. suka23

    Wich anti-virus offers the best protection for free?

    So, since i got my pc about a year ago, i've been using only the base defenses of windows 7 (windows defender & microsoft security essentials). Recently schools around my country have been suffering from a virus that turns files in shortcuts. I never really had problems with any virus until now...
  45. H

    More virus scans

    I used super anti spyware to remove a number of virus's and malware, the computer has not been started since. Now a week later when I started it up and did a followup scan it found additional virus's why would that happen?
  46. christopunch

    How to do PC Matinance

    Hey all, I'm recently bought PC components to build a gaming PC. (They are on their way, so excited!) Now my questions for you guys are... What are some, from a software point of view, ways I can keep my PC running smoothly and fast? What are some things I can do along the lines of disk...
  47. S

    Computer HAS been hacked, help dearly needed

    I'll get right into it.. By the way I'm not complaining about my RS being hacked, it's much more serious than that. Years ago (like in 2007) my runescape account was hacked. I played Runescape again last year when the Old School version was released, after a month or two it was hacked into, I...
  48. Futsfaith

    What programs should I install?

    I just did format to my pc and I don't know what type of security programs I need. I mean, do i need antivirus, firewall , anti-malware, anti spyware? All of them? some of them? Which of them?? Plz help!
  49. Zarok Aleon

    Secure way to get portable programs.

    Hey Thanks for taking to take the time to read this. I have been getting more and more into computers and want to start helping other people with things, but in order to help them like with malicious software I need to have an external copy of it, Like on a flash drive, To plug in and be able...
  50. W

    FinSpy Spyware Scandal

    I might simply be paranoid, but Wikileaks revealed that in Australia amongst other countries the Government has been distributing a spyware package called FinSpy in updates for software packages such as Skype. The spyware is rather powerful and affects all common OS platforms such as Windows...
  51. Ferrariassassin

    How do i stop pop-ups and downloads on Google Chrome?

    I have tried going to "Settings", "Content settings", and than "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)" and it did not help any, in fact i have seen much more Pop-Ups since i did this. Is there any way i can stop Pop-Ups on Google Chrome from popping up is is it not possible now...
  52. T

    Anti- on a USB

    I have an 8GB USB that I'd like to use for multiple things. I want it to be like a recovery USB that has things like an anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, recovery programs, etc. I just don't know which programs are good, and which ones would work directly from a USB. Any suggestions? Like...
  53. blackns

    You guys know of any anti-spyware that can be loaded to usb and ran?

    Looking for an anti virus/spyware application that can be loaded onto usb and ran on multiple computers WITHOUT having to install the program itself! Basically an anti virus in boot disk form. Is this possible?
  54. Akstation

    Which is the BEST ANTI SPYWARE PROGRAM to get ( :

    Hi, ppl is there a good anti spyware program that is not with anti-virus ,,I'm actually using one called SuperAntispyware ,, and i activatied the service for $19 ,, that is expire next year,, is this program any good ,, just wanted to know more,, out there, if there is even a better one
  55. V

    Best FREE Anti-Virus;Anti-Spyware;malware;adware anti-whatever

    Title explains it. What is the best FREE anti-spyware/malware software out there that has the smallest effect on slowing down your pc??
  56. V

    What, In Your Opinion, is THE BEST free anti-spyware/anti-malware/anti-adware/anti-virus/anti-whatthehellever????

    Thread title explains it all... I've been using Ad-Aware (Free Version) for like 3 years on multiple first it was great, lately..ehhh not so much. anyways need one like asap unprotected now so please let me know guys. Thanks in advance.
  57. G

    Spyware: What It Is, and How to Remove It

    We've heard a lot about spyware, but what exactly is it and how does it differ from other kinds of malware? Spyware: What It Is, and How to Remove It : Read more
  58. A

    Remove Scorpion Saver

    Hi - I don't have a question - I have a solution to a problem that I wanted to post so someone in my position could find the answer quickly without having to visit various websites that don't fix this specific problem, namely the malware Scorpion Saver. I contracted this virus after...
  59. G

    Best Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti Spyware?

    I'm just wondering what you guys think is the best Best Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti Spyware? Do you think that its worth paying for what I listed or can you get by with the free version? For Anti-Virus I use Avast! For Anti-Malware I use MalwareBytes For Anti-Spyware I use SUPER Anti...
  60. The Stealthinator

    Is it OK two have more than one anti-virus/spyware programs scanning the computer at the same time?

    Is it OK two have more than one anti-virus/spyware programs scanning the computer at the same time? I have multiple running, I just want to know whether the scan gets affected in any way if there is more than one program doing it?