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    Solved! Tab S7 Screen

    I got S7 a week ago and was waiting for plastic nibs for note taking. Yesterday, first time I was taking notes, I noticed when I put my palm on screen to write on it, screen was springing ( like when I press a little it goes in when I don't it comes back to rest position. Sorry I am not native...
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    How to use sim card directly in tab Haier Y11B

    How to use sim card directly in tab Haier Y11b
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    Virus Opens New Tab Once in a While with Java Recommended PLEASE HELP REMOVE!

    About a week ago I just looked into my "Delete Program" screen just to see what was up (Nothing was wrong, I was just a bit bored that day) and noticed some stuff that I didn't need. After uninstalling those, that's when the problems arose. Though I took down the virus that changed my homepage...