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  1. KuroNT

    Solved! Fusion 5 Windows Tablet

    My tablet worked this morning. For some reason it won't boot anymore. I put it on charge then it wouldn't charge. I go to turn it on and won't boot. I try to hold the power button, etc. Nothing works, please help.
  2. C

    Motion Computing j3500 WLAN internal card / bluetooth 4.0 upgrade

    I have a motion computing j3500 running win 10 64, was wondering if i could upgrade wlan card so that I could use bluetooth 4.0. Current card only supports bluetooth2.1. Thank you for your consideration. Some further info on card, it is a half height centrino ultimate 6300n, the last update to...
  3. D

    "How is this laptop still running?"

    A client drops off a couple archaic laptops and explains that he only needs one of them with WiFi and to run programming software for his modified cars. His needs are by no means demanding, so I chose the highest quality laptop which happens to be a Japanese-made Toshiba tablet PC with a 1.33...
  4. O

    HP TC4400 Pen Pressure Sensitivity Problem (pen itself?)

    So I just just recently got a tc4400 tablet pc with a wacom display but I've been banging my head against a desk trying to fix the pen pressure sensitivity, until recently I found out that when I use the pen tool in PTS on the eraser of the pen the pressure sensitivity works to my surprise. When...
  5. ZenShredder

    Surface Pro 2, Cintiq Companion, What Do You Recommend?

    So as digital artists, my girlfriend and I have decided to buy a portable Tablet-PC because it's just something we'd like to have. We mainly work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, with the exception of my girlfriend working in Maya and similar programs for animation. I've been looking at...