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  1. W

    how to access my cable channels on my smart tv

    I have telus cable and just hooked up a new Sanyo smart t.v. … I can't figure out how to access my cable channels???? there is no menu button on the remote
  2. A

    Will Canadian Based ISPs like Shaw or Telus be affected by US Broadband Privacy Removal?

    i know Canada is a different country than America.but i am confuse about privacy and security.
  3. M

    I have tv, receiver, surround sound, DVD player and telus optic. When I play DVDs, my wireless head phones don't work and I do

    How can I restore sound through my tv when connected to optic and surround sound
  4. W

    unable to connect

    turn on computer go to log on Telus 9521 ,but am told unable to log on
  5. B

    Unlocked Sprint Phone on Telus

    Hey guys, my dad recently brought back an iPhone 6+ from the states (I live in Canada) that's locked to Sprint. He's no longer with Sprint so he can't use their unlock services. I was wondering if I go through a third-party unlocking service, will the iPhone work with Telus? If so, does anyone...
  6. M

    How do I connect a Pioneer VSX-1123-K (Audio/Video receiver) to my Telus Optik TV Box so that I can watch TV with surround

    Hi, I am extremely frustrated as I am unable to figure out how to connect a Pioneer VSX-1123-K (Audio/Video receiver) to my Telus Optik TV Box so that I can watch TV with surround sound. My Sony CD player is hooked up to the Pioneer system and works fine, giving me surround sound, but I am not...
  7. Z

    can the A6-5200 run games like total war

    Got a laptop through telus, can it play total war games.
  8. J

    PLEASE HELP i need so my DAUGHTER can call me everyday (she is 5yrs old)

    i have a bell samsung galaxy s gt- i9000 m and tried one site left my phone plugged in 12 hrs and it said code not found and that was a paid for attempt does anyone know any other sites cause bell want 75$ thats redicculous I have a telus sim its asking me for network control key? does anyone...
  9. monkeysweat

    Iphone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S II X

    I like Telus, but don't know yet if they'll carry the new iphone,, what do you think will be the better choice?
  10. T

    fido and rodgers

    Hello, what is fido and rodgers? my husband had it on his yahoo messanger along with 92466000-telus 92466 can you help me figure this out?