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    External sound card for laptop and TV monitor

    Current Set up Dell laptop (Latitude E6530) Windows 7 64bit professional. Samsung Smart TV Monitor (TD390S). Used as a TV and external monitor for laptop. Connected via DVI to HDMI cable via Dell Replicator which doesn't have HDMI. Could also use HDMI to HDMI if going direct from laptop HDMI...
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    Terratec ews88 fourum

    HI! I have recentley purchased two Terratec EWS88 cards and break out boxes. The problem I am having is that neither of the cards came with the EWS-Connect cables to SYNC the cards. Has anyone got these leads? Does any body know if i were to buy standard 5-pole and 3-pole connectors that...
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    Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96

    I have a Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 sound card. It works fine with XP. Never got it to work with Vista, though. Now, I want to use it with Windows 7. Can anyone help?
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    Webcam driver for terratec notebook MS 1722

    Hello, I am searching for a win7 x64 driver for the webcam of the above notebook can anyone help please thomas