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    Texting with Alcatel 3XL

    Why do my text messages from my Bank come with the heading from Tesco Mobile? I see a message from Tesco Mobile ... open it and it's actually a message from someone else. Eg My Dentist or Bank or Littlewoods. Why aren't my Littlewoods texts being notified to me with Littlewoods? Please help if...
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    samsung j1 cant connect to o2 or tesco .. duel sim phone nether one registers please help

    i bought the duos phone from a 2nd hand dealer but when i tryed both sims yesterday and today still no joy
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    Solved! Help ! Will tesco direct still take laptop back ?

    Hello, I own a ASUS X540SA And it's not fully working so will they still take it back if the HDD Was changed and has been taken apart? Please reply within 12 hours!
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    Sim slot permanently. Blocked gow do i unblock it

    Alcatel pop star 5.1 got unlock code from tesco but still says sim slot permanently locked. Any help
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    do I get the unlock code from TESCO stores in the UK

    How do I get my unlock code for moto g bought at a car boot sale in Wales u.k
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    my tesco hudl says not enough member,put 16gb sd card in

    Just bought two 16gb sd cards one for sony phone and one for hudl tablet still saying I have no memory.any ideas?thanks
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    unlock code for Samsung galaxy young

    Samsung young i need unlock code for Samsung galaxy young phone locked to Tesco network with IMEI . Please help. Thanks. any help appreciated
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    o2 puk code

    My phone is locked to tesco mobile but wanting to unlock it to any network
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    enter puk no

    i have puk no how do i use it to unlock tesco mobile
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    samsung galaxy young unlock code?

    Imei is REDACTED - SS locked to tesco uk please help. thanks.
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    need unlock code for samsung galaxy young. its locked to tesco

    Samsung young i need unlock code for phone iits locked to Tesco only. Please help. Thanks. adam
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    can you help to get a restriction code for nokia C1 using tesco network

    A restriction code for Nokia c1 using tesco Ireland network..