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    Solved! 4.2 setup out of 2 stereo jacks?

    Hi! I have a movie night at school and i have to do the tech (audio, video etc) and i have a question. I have 4 top speakers and two subs. could i make a 4.2 or at least a 4.0 with the subs on the front two speakers (with crossover ofcourse) out of my laptops soundcard for the back (quality...
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    subwoofer woes. stereo + pc

    so ive had a sony str-dh550 hooked up to my self built PC for a while (was 7, now running 10) my setup looks like this ASUS z97i motherboard EVGA Nvidia 960 GPU (compact for a mini itx build) Sony STR-DH550 5.2 suround stereo (only use 5.1) JBL ES20 book shelf L+R front JBL ES150 Subwoofer...
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    Audio Expertise needed for home theater setup

    hey guys, i am a newbie here and am setting up my home theater room and needed some help deciding the best audio and acoustic setup regarding the same.I am very confused and your expert guidance would be welcomed. I currently have two 50 watt speaker which are in really good condition, i am...
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    Working on homemade projector theatre!

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to set up a home theater system. I have a 48 inch Sony flatscreen that I have been watching TV on for a while, but it just gets kinda hard to watch the TV or play video games with it, because it's not that big. A couple of my friends have theatres set up where...